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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

Written by: Marcela Limon of Lemonshoots Emotion Photography



Your bundle of joy is coming soon and you’ve booked a professional newborn photo session! Congratulations! You won’t regret investing in your memories. But now what? It is normal to have questions and to be unsure of what to expect. All babies are different, but being prepared can be the difference between a frustrating session and a perfect one. Here are five ways to prepare for your newborn session that will help you and your photographer get the most out of it.

Communicate with Your Photographer

I like to talk with my clients before the session to answer any questions and to hear expectations.  Some parents want to be in the photos, while others do not. Perhaps they want a photobook, perhaps they have an empty wall they want to fill with beautiful imagery. All this makes a difference when planning for a session. Many details are chosen depending on what you would like. Talk to your photographer about what you expect.

If your baby was born with some complication, don’t be afraid to tell your photographer. You have to tell her. Photos can still be taken, but she needs to know so she can plan for poses that will not compromise your baby’s safety.



Watch What You Eat

If you are breastfeeding, everything you eat goes to your milk, thus to your baby. Babies’ stomachs get upset really easily, so watching your diet for a few days before your session is important.  Avoid eating spicy food, along with these others:

– Vegetables and Legumes: Broccoli, garlic, tomato, artichoke, cabbage, beans.

– Dairy: Milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, any product containing casein.

– Allergens: Fish, eggs, corn, wheat, peanuts and soy.

Avoid Scheduling Doctors Appointments On Session Day

Try not to book a doctor’s appointment the same day as your session. It can be too much for baby and for you. It is best to have that day clear so you can relax and focus only on your session. Although it is a beautiful and fun experience, it can be tiring too for both you and your baby.

If you have a boy and plan on circumcising him, wait after the session to do so, or have the surgery planned for at least five days before the photos. Your baby will be very sensitive and the outfits and wraps can hurt him. Otherwise, talk to your photographer so she can plan for a session with diaper on the whole time.

Keep Baby Items Handy

Pacifier. If you are comfortable using a pacifier, they can help sooth a baby once they are posed. Sucking calms them. Having a pacifier handy can help your photographer put baby to sleep without moving him, thus allowing time for more pictures.

Feeding Bottle. If you are bottle-feeding with formula or breast milk, keep one handy. They are great to top off baby if he starts to wake up in the middle of a pose or set. 

Burp Cloths. Spits happen, and having burp clothes nearby can be the difference between quickly cleaning and continue shooting, and having to skip the set altogether.

Relax, Be Flexible and Enjoy the Session

A photography session can be stressful. If baby is your firstborn, everything is new for you. If you have toddlers running around, you’ll be worried about them not behaving for the photos. We are newborn photographers. We know how it is. We love what we do and we deal with it all the time. Pee and poop will happen. Crying siblings and fussy babies will happen. We are prepared for that. So don’t stress over it. We have our dose of patience and some tricks under our sleeve to make everything run smoothly.  

Try to be a little flexible with feeding breaks. Just as when we need more water when we exercise, baby will need more milk this particular day. Allow this day to be a little different from your regular routine. 

And the most important advice of all: Enjoy the session. Your newborn images will be beautiful. They will be happy memories of this very special moment in your life. You chose your photographer for a reason, so sit back, relax, and enjoy watching her work her magic and create art for you. Art you’ll cherish for generations.



Marcela Limon is a newborn and maternity photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She began taking photos of bellies and babies in 2013, but Lemonshoots wasn’t born until 2015. Since then she has trained in person with some of the best photographers in the industry, including Ana Brandt and Paloma Schell. She’s committed to newborn photography safety, that’s why she has been learning about baby physiology and recently joined APNPI. Marcela considers herself very lucky to capture her clients’ happiest memories with her camera and immortalize them in beautiful photos to decorate their walls. Every mama and every baby she has met has left a little mark in her life and in her heart.

See more of Marcela’s beautiful imagery at www.lemonshoots.com

What is an APNPI Accredited Photographer

What is an APNPI Accredited Photographer

What is an APNPI Accredited Photographer?

You may have heard the term “Accredited” before but did you know your photographer can seek accreditation in their work with newborns and babies?

At APNPI, our dedicated members are working hard to improve their abilities and many are seeking accreditation in our 10 available categories.  So just what is an APNPI Accredited Photographer?

Currently one of our highest levels of achievement, Accreditation in a chosen category is a recognition beyond that of the QNP Certified Photographer denoting above average quality in photographic artistry. Holding an accreditation demonstrates the member as a specialist in his or her chosen field and is a stepping stone toward earning recognized designations such as Craftsman of Photography and Master Photographer.  

To achieve accreditation, a member must accomplish the following:

  • Successfully complete the APNPI Safety Course.
  • Successfully hold the QNP Certification.
  • Submit 12 images meeting a strict outline of requirements in a chosen category to an APNPI approved Judging Panel of which all 12 images must be deemed “accepted”.

Our APNPI Panel Judging Events can be quite exciting to view! If you keep an eye on our social media pages and blog, you too can watch the thorough vetting our accredited members go through.  Many applicants will attempt accreditation evaluation several times before acquiring this achievement in their chosen field.

Our Accredited APNPI members have invested time, dedication and money in perfecting their craft.  They have a solid understanding of lighting, posing angles, and the necessary artistic fundamentals to produce beautiful imagery. Best of all, they produce a consistent product time and time again.  

When it comes to hiring an Accredited photographer, we’re confident you’ll not only notice a difference in quality, but also consistency. Our accredited members are reliable producers and provide their clients with exceptional imagery on a daily basis.

To find an accredited photographer, click here and look for the Accreditation Badge in the listings: https://apnpi.com/directory/

Take a peak below at some of our recently Accepted imagery from a selection of our successfully accredited members.

2023 Trends in Holiday Sessions

2023 Trends in Holiday Sessions

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing assortment of Christmas-inspired newborn and children photography images. In this exclusive exhibition, our skilled photographers capture the pure magic and joy of the holiday season. Prepare to be enchanted by the delightful setups, angelic smiles, and captivating moments that encapsulate the spirit of Christmas beginnings.


Click on the images to enlarge and delve into a world of inspiration and wonder!

Get to know our esteemed APNPI Newborn Photographers!


We’re really proud of our members here at apnpi.  The following gallery is an excellent example of the variety of talents we get to work with every day.  Most if not all of the members in this collection hold Accreditations with apnpi in Newborn Photography and some are also apnpi competition winners.  We even have a few Apnpi Academy Educators in this group too.  Add to that the pretty cool fact that these talented ladies are from all over the world… this gallery features photographers from the USA, Canada, UK, and Malaysia!  
Be sure to show them some love on their social media, and check out more of their work on their websites.
Jenna Margaret – APNPI Academy Instructor – Hamilton, ON. – Beautiful Inspirations Photography
Wee Boon Shing – Kuching & Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. – Mommy’s Photography Studio
Wanda Drake – Grand Bank, NL. – Wanda Drake Photography
Jennifer Robyn – APNPI Academy Instructor – Oshawa, ON.  Shutterbug Imaging
Alicia Barrett – APNPI Academy Instructor – Clarensville, NL. A2Z Photography
Katie Lintern – Collingwood, ON. – Katie Lintern Photography
Tricia McLelland – Oakville, ON. McLelland Photography
Lindsay Foster – Thousand Islands, ON. – Lindsay Foster Photography
Fru Jonas – Newport, SE Wales. – Captured Magic Photography
Megan Faris Hile – Louisville, KY.  Megan Hile Photography
Tammy Gallant – Laurel, MT. – TS Gallant Photography
Jackie Orlando – Hamilton, ON. – Jackie O. Photos
Erin Spence – Melbourne, Florida. – Erin Spence Photography
Marggie Duncan – Apnpi Academy Educator – Lakeville, MN.

Autumn Colors in Newborn Photography

Autumn Colors in Newborn Photography

There’s a special enchantment that comes with the arrival of autumn, and when paired with the tender innocence of newborns, it’s a sight to behold.  In this exclusive showcase, our community of talented photographers present a delightful array of newborn images, each carefully staged amidst the rustic charm of the fall season.  Be prepared to be swept away by the adorable smiles and cozy setups that encapsulate the magic of autumnal beginnings.

Photo by Jenna Margaret of Beautiful Inspirations Photography

Photo by Alicia Barrett of A2Z Photography

Photo by Josslyn Petrus of Josslyn Marie Photography

Photo by Josslyn Petrus of Josslyn Marie Photography

Photo by: Alicia Barrett of A2Z Photography

Photo by: Kerry Cheshire of Heartwork Portrait Studio

Photo by Lindsay Foster of Lindsay Foster Photography

Photo by: Jennifer McNeil of Jennifer McNeil Photography

Photo by: Jennifer McNeil of Jennifer McNeil Photography



Written by: Amy Pazur

The other morning, my daughter, Elliana, woke up and called me into her room. She was happy to be awake and happy to see me. Then, she started to talk about the picture on her dresser. It was a family photo we had taken when she was brand new! Just me, my husband, and my daughter are pictured.

Elliana wanted me to pull it from the dresser so she could hold it. I told her the photo was taken before her sister was born, and it was just the three of us in the picture. My daughter pointed out everyone in the photo and then started to hug the image in the frame.

My heart started to sing.

She was so happy to have this photo of her family. Ellie loved the picture and everyone in it. And then, she hugged the photo like it meant the world to her to have!


I don’t think I will ever forget this moment.

As mothers we want to remember everything. Every moment is precious, every memory is sweet. And this is one of the reasons why I love photography.

I have a horrible memory, but when I look at my photos, I can relive the moment. I can remember why it was taken and what we were doing. But that day showed me that those photos aren’t just important to me – they are important to my children as well.

I was so taken aback when Ellie hugged that frame.

She is a very loving child, so her sharing that emotion was not new to me. But for her to see so much love in that image, it validated what I do on a whole new level.

I placed that photo in her room for that exact reason! I wanted her to see her family and know that she was loved. And wow! Her reaction made me want to cry. That is exactly what she felt, appreciated it, and loved it! What more could you ask for?

I’m sharing this story with you to say – please don’t miss out on moments like this!

I know how hard it is to find the time to get photos of your family, but it is too important to put off. These pictures are NOT just for YOU. They are for your kids too! Your family photos, the beautiful images you put up on your walls, are just as much for your children as they are for you. They instill a love in your children that will be with them forever!

Don’t keep your photos on your hard drive.

Do NOT keep them locked in boxes in the attic. Hang your pictures proudly on the walls. Update your family photos. Show your children who you are and who they are. Show them how much you love them.

Book your photo session now! Please don’t wait to show your kids your beautiful family and how much they mean to you!

Amy Pazur is a Maternity and Newborn Photographer in Pittsburgh, PA. She provides a high level service with every step in the photography process, including the products you go home enjoying. She believes in more than just a “camera for hire” but in someone who can help you make the hard choices and capture what we can all too quickly forget – that our family is the most important thing and to that putting those unforgettable moments on the wall, makes our life that much better.

See more of Amy Pazur at http://moments-and-co.com