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Are you struggling with posing older newborn babies? You can learn to handle fussy and alert older babies!

  • Learn to settle and pose older babies even when they're on the colicky side.
  • Gain confidence and improve your skills with these tutorials from award winner Kayleigh Ashworth.

Setting expectations with parents ahead of time will go a long way. If you have availability, no need to turn away older newborns when you know how to set expectations and you have a good awake baby workflow. Watch as Kaleigh demonstrates working with two older babies. Baby Savannah, and baby Jamison... awake, alert, and maybe even a bit fussy! And almost 2 months old!

  • Learn tips on: - setting parent expectations - working with and soothing an older fussy baby - helping an older to sleep - wrapping an older baby - moving an older baby safely - angling your camera with an older baby to capture the newborn tiny look. - posing and moving older babies - monitoring for overheating - working with and directing an assistant for safety - camera and lighting settings - catching those smiles - changing setups - involving Mom - providing beautiful images even when baby is on the colicky side - speed edit!

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"I really enjoy the series and the information! I love the explanation with the doll and the real babies. I would love to watch more!" Lily N.

"I love the pace, not to drawn out but time for attention to details! Bravo, well done!" Gina R.

"I LOVED this Masterclass! It was the first one I watched and I was blown away by the amount of information she shared and I especially liked the tips for wreath DIY and her calm approach to photographing newborns. I would highly recommend this course!" - Jennifer W.

"I really liked this class! Nikita was very informative and she showed the fabric over and over again so you could really see how she would stitch images together. I liked that she used a normal Mom for her posing and she showed fabric tossing I hadn't seen anywhere else before. I really appreciated that she stressed the importance of making Mom feel comfortable for her secret tossing technique! I highly recommend this series!"

"This was great; I didn't want it to stop! Great job!" Angie C.