APNPI Image Competition

APNPI encourages participation in competition as a means of challenging, learning and growing in the art of newborn photography.

Competition with constructive critique drives photographers to a new level in honing their craft, and contributes toward their Masters Designations.

It’s also an exciting opportunity to gain world wide recognition!


Did you know…

All members receive one free entryso go ahead try it out, you have nothing to lose!

Each image is up for an award, whether it’s in the top 3 or not.  Every submission competes against itself to earn a Merit Award (score of 80 and above).

Merit Awards are prestigious accomplishments!  They denote a level that stands out above the Accreditation level.

Competing is an excellent way for members to sharpen their skills and elevate their work.

Members learn a ton from entering their images and receiving feedback from the judges.

I love APNPI’s competition because of the professional level maintained throughout the process. I also enjoy the positive feedback for every single image, whether award winning or not. The comments made are honest and fair, yet encouraging…. I would encourage anyone to enter! Even if the images aren’t perfect and award winning, the feedback and advice is worth so much, and will ultimately make you a better photographer!

Anita Windsor

I decided to submit my images to the APNPI International Image Competition because I feel this association is better qualified to make these judgments, as well as being more legitimate than many other competition runners out there today. For me, it’s not just about the award, it’s about who I’ve received the award from that really counts. Not only is APNPI owned by some of the best leading artists in our industry but they also emphasize the importance of client safety, so I highly value their judgement.

Kayleigh Ashworth

Entering in competition makes me a better, stronger and more creative photographer. You can learn so much not just from your own entry and feedback, but also from all of the other entries. It’s incredibly inspiring to look through competition galleries!

Kristin Merck


Thank you for another fantastic Competition year!

All Members receive


See details below!

Important Dates and Deadlines

Early Bird Entry Uploads Open: Mar 7, 2024
Early Bird Deadline: April 16 , 2024
Final deadline: April 23, 2024

All Members receive ONE COMPLIMENTARY Entry!!

In the spirit of helping our community come together and helping everyone to participate, we’re continuing as we did last year to offer all members one complimentary entry for the April 2024 round.

Promo code is: LIGHT2024 for the complimentary submission.

NOTE: For competition and Accreditations, APNPI no longer accepts images with newborn babies in Froggy pose or Potato Pose.  There will be no refunds or reimbursement of cost to the maker.  Modified potato pose where baby’s head is supported is accepted.

Categories for members:

The APNPI Newborn Photographer of the Year 2024 categories are:

  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Milestones – (ages 2 to 12 months)
  • Child – (ages 1 year and up)
  • Creative

Category for non-members:

  • Open Subject


Early Bird Rates:  (USD)

One Entry: $35
Two Entries: $30 each (save $5 on each entry)
Five Entries: $25 each (save $10 on each entry)

Regular Entry Rates:  (USD)

One Entry: $45
Two Entries: $40 each (save $5 on each entry)
Five Entries: $35 each (save $10 on each entry)