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Vendor Feature – SHOOT BABY

Written by: Jennifer Willard - APNPI Member Perks Program Liaison Hello APNPI Community! We are so excited to share this week's #FeatureVendor interview with all of you!  SHOOTBABY is an incredible resource for posing bags, jersey knits in...

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Session Spotlight: Unique

All babies are unique, not only in their personalities but also in their appearances.

This adorable baby boy was born with something that not many of us have……….a 6th toe on his right foot. Now how cool is that!!!! Talk about unique right!

When his Mom told me, at first I thought she might be pulling my leg, only because I had no idea this was even possible, and also because I had just finished posing his tiny little feet and hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

I was, and still am, totally amazed by this. It’s hereditary and has been passed down through their family for generations, also very cool!

I absolutely loved that Mom was all for documenting this amazingly unique quality that her sweet boy was born with. For in time, it will be surgically removed, and will be all but a memory had it not been for her willingness to capture it.

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Session Spotlight: The Tiniest Princess

This little Princess came into the world weighing just over 4lbs. I shot her fresh 48 session at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto January 10th 2017. She just seemed like she was smiling through the whole session. I knew she was going to be a perfect little model for her Newborn session. Twelve days later she was in my studio weighing just shy of 5lbs. Coming into this session I knew her mom loved colourful images. This baby had such amazing skin tone, I really wanted to incorporate natural vintage looking colours and textures as well. This little lady didn’t disappoint. Sleeping through most of the session with still just a peaceful face just as in the hospital. This was definetly one of my favourite sessions.

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