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Session Spotlight: Golden Hour Nursing Session

This amazing session was this beautiful mom’s idea. I love when clients push me out of the box!!
This session was rescheduled 4 times because of weather! What a wet summer we had.
It was totally worth the wait.
From the beautiful fresh floral crowns to the epic light, this session will always be one of my favourites and on that I feel very proud of.
I am a STRONG supporter of breastfeeding and this session filled my heart and soul.

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Session Spotlight: Surrogate rainbow baby

Session Spotlight
This session was very special to me.
A surrogate mother contacted me to photograph the birth of this baby for the biological parents. The parents already had a 7 year old boy and they had lost another child and she couldn’t get pregnant again so they hired a surrogate mother. They had tried for years and just before they gave up on surrogacy, they received good news.

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