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Meet the APNPI Judges!

Our next round of Accreditation is quickly approaching and we’d like to introduce you to our APNPI Judges! Judges have completed the APNPI Judges Training and are respected members of the industry spanning various styles and genres of maternity, newborn and baby photography.

Applications are now open for our QNP Certified members to apply for accreditation in one of our 10 categories. Want some support and feedback on which images would be good to submit? Consider participating in our Feedback Friday sessions where our judges critique image submissions from within our membership community group on Facebook. This is a great way to make sure your submission is ready and a wonderful way to experience image critiques before our accreditation deadline dates. Pay attention in the FB group for more information.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions with our amazing judging panel!

Submission Deadline: Jul 16th, 2024

*Are you an accredited member of APNPI and interested in our judge training program? Email us at admin@apnpi.com

Bianca Hubble is a professional photographer. She has been shooting professionally since June of 2005 and specializing in newborn and maternity photography since June of 2011. Bianca has a B.S. degree in Youth Ministry from Toccoa Falls College. She often jokes that she is just working with the really really young “youth”. Bianca’s work has been recognized in Sew Trendy Accessories’ “Best of ….” Her work has been published in International Journal of Child Birth and Points North Magazine. She has spoken in newborn conferences, was an instructor with Online Newborn and Maternity Retreat hosted by the Milky Way for the past 4 years, and she is an international Mentor for Newborn photographers. Bianca has trained over 120 newborn photographers in person individually or in very small groups in just over a year’s time and has trained several thousand through online e-workshops. She is also the inventor of the Newborn Cloud posing system for newborn photographers sold world wide. Bianca lives in Toccoa, Georgia.

Bianca Hubble Photography

Hey there, incredible souls! Irene here, juggling the roles of momma, wife, and a nurse by trade. I am the powerhouse behind the enchantment at Vine and Branch Studios by night. And let me tell you, I’m on cloud nine that you’re diving into this adventure with us! Imagine this: We’re right in the heart of Prospect, Louisville, Kentucky, soaking in the unbeatable vibes of the East End. What fuels our passion? EVERYTHING! We’re diving into family, infant, motherhood, maternity, and brand photography—it’s the whole shebang of spectacular moments! Our mission? To create jaw-dropping, elegant, and intimate magazine-style fine-art portraits that’ll leave you utterly speechless.

Vine and Branch Studio

Marcela Limon is a Maternity and Newborn photographer servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s QNP Certified and Accredited Maternity and Newborn photographer through APNPI and a Certified Professional Photographer, Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman through PPA. She’s been specializing in motherhood images since 2015 and has won prestigious awards at international print competitions, including APNPI, WPPI and PPA. She’s committed to newborn safety and that’s why she is Infant CPR trained. She’s always looking for education opportunities to make the industry better for both her colleagues and her clients.


I have been specializing in newborn photography for the past 13 years, and teaching newborn photography for the past 4 years to students around the world. My approach to newborn photography is a classic look with a rustic vibe. I love creamy skin tones and I’m a bit of a perfectionist with my work. I love helping others grow in their passion for posing and developing a sustainable business that can support their family and give them freedom to do what they love most. I’m a mother of 4 girls and have 3 fur babies. I’m a world traveler and always on the search for our next destination as a family, since spending time with them and experiencing new things is my ultimate goal in life. I’m lucky to call my passion work, but I’m even luckier that it’s given me the ultimate ability to do what I love most, and thats spend time with my kids and be there for them.

Rayne Drop Photography

Jennifer Robyn

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