APNPI Code of Ethics


The Ethical Standards for the Newborn Photography Profession represent a vision of professional practice. At the heart of a strong and effective photography profession is a commitment to clients, their children, and to the community of newborn photographers.

Members of the APNPI, in their position of trust, demonstrate responsibility in their relationships with parents, guardians, children, colleagues, other professionals, the environment and the public.

The Ethical Standards for the Newborn Photography Profession are:

Care – The ethical standard of Care includes compassion, acceptance, interest and insight for individual families and colleagues. Members express their commitment to parent’s and baby’s well-being through responsible use of safety practices, professional judgment and empathy in practice. Members share knowledge with fellow newborn photographers thereby encouraging each other both individually and collectively to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Respect – Intrinsic to the ethical standard of Respect are trust and fair-mindedness.  Members honour human dignity, and respect the privacy of clients. In their professional practice, they model respect for spiritual and cultural values, social justice, confidentiality, freedom, democracy and the environment.

Trust – The ethical standard of Trust embodies fairness, openness and honesty.  Members’ professional relationships with colleagues, parents, and the general public are based on trust.  Members endeavour to produce consistently equal and superior images to the samples displayed to clients, and to maintain the highest standard of honesty in all transactions, descriptions, contracts, and claims, at all times avoiding false and misleading terms.

Integrity – Honesty, reliability and moral action are embodied in the ethical standard of Integrity.  Continual reflection assists members in exercising integrity in their professional commitments and responsibilities. Members maintain the highest level of integrity by avoiding unfair competitive practices and abiding by copyright laws as determined by their local jurisdiction.

 The Purposes of the Ethical Standards for the Newborn Photography Profession are:

  • to identify ethical responsibilities and commitments in the newborn photography profession
  • to guide ethical decision making and action taking in the newborn photography profession
  • to promote public trust and confidence in the newborn photography profession.