APNPI Professional Recognitions

At the heart of the APNPI, is our commitment to excellence and passion to both recognizing and enhancing professional development.

We offer a range of qualifications that are designed to reward the highest levels of professional excellence.

APNPI Certification

The APNPI safety education course and Qualified Newborn Photographer (QNP) Certification have been developed specifically for those working with the maternity, baby and newborn populations.  These are designed to distinguish APNPI members from the hobbyists, increase safety awareness and serve as assurance of professional qualifications to new parents.

APNPI Accreditations

Accreditation in a category is a recognition beyond that of the QNP Certified Photographer.  It’s a recognition of exceptional quality of photography and artistic mastery in a particular photographic niche.


APNPI Designations

APNPI Designations recognize the highest levels of excellence and mastery amongst our photographers.  Members can earn Master and Grandmaster Designations.