APNPI Designations are prestigious achievements that demonstrate the highest levels of excellence in Newborn Photography.  To earn designations, members are expected to enter image competition and submit to accreditation in order to earn merits.  Members also earn merits through service within the organization and in the community at large.

Designations and their Requirements

To qualify for an APNPI Designation, the following merits are required:

  Craftsman Masters
Image Merits – Competition Based
250 500
Image Merits – Accreditation Based
90 150    

Image Merits – Competition or Accreditation Based

220 440
Service Merits 250 500
Additional Merits – Image or Service
Total 810 2100


Submitting Your Merits

Please use the following form to view merit values and submit your merits. Merits may be submitted annually and must be less than two years old. You must submit documentation to support your claims for merits earned outside the organization (e.g. scans of speaking contracts, registration receipts, screenshots of logo use in advertisements, etc.)

Once a sufficient number of merits have been earned, the member may submit a request to in order to attain the corresponding designation.

Designation Merit Tracking Form

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