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APNPI is a Professional Newborn Photographer’s Association created by newborn photographers specifically for newborn photographers!


APNPI formed out of a passion to give professional recognition to Newborn Photographers, and to connect through a safe and respectful place for everyone to grow, learn, and thrive as small businesses.

APNPI goals are:

  • To provide professional recognition to newborn photographers with opportunities to earn professional credentials.
  • To help clients discern the difference among photographers in today’s over saturated market, and why they will benefit by hiring an APNPI certified newborn photographer.
  • To provide international competition venues for newborn photographers.  This is where professionals grow and have a chance to shine.
  • To provide resources and opportunities for growth for both emerging and established newborn photographers.
  • To connect newborn photographers of all levels in a safe and respectful community place for everyone to grow, learn, and thrive as profitable businesses.
  • To build a comprehensive educational resource section dedicated specifically to the unique needs of newborn photographers.
  • To listen to the needs of newborn photographers and to be an advocate and voice for them in their educational endeavours with parents.
Connect with a vibrant international community of Professional Newborn Photographers dedicated to excellence in their craft and success in their business, who are recognized for their mastery in their craft.

Get recognized, grow your business, and be a part of bringing awareness to the newborn photography industry as a highly specialized profession.

Together we can make a difference!