Celebrating Creativity: Meet the Winner of the APNPI Image Competition

We’re thrilled to show off our 1st place winner in the 2023 Autumn APNPI Image Competition for the Newborn Category.

Read on below to learn more about what inspired Jackie to enter and about her experience.

1st Place Winner Newborn Category: Jackie Orlando

Business Name: Jackie O Photos

Located in: Stoney Creek, ON Canada



1st place apnpi competition winning image Jackie Orlando APNPI Competition 1st Place Winner – Newborn Category | “A Gift from Above” by Jackie Orlando

Why did you decide to submit to the APNPI International Image Competition?

I wanted to feel more like a part of the newborn photography community, see if I could learn anything from potential feedback given on my images, and if my images were worthy of a silver distinction award, I wanted to proudly display that on my website and social media as a reminder of how far I’ve come in my photography journey.

What, if anything, did you learn about yourself through the process of image competition judging?

I learned that I’m more talented than I realize. I never expected to place in the top three, let alone first place. Winning first place as well as another silver distinction was very validating, and made me feel like all of my hard work, passion, and dedication has been worth it. There have been plenty of times that I’ve felt like giving up, but I’ve kept working at a steady pace and tried my best to overcome the self-doubt. Finding my style was a bit of a journey. I admire so many photographers with different styles and I experimented for a while with retro vibes and pretty florals. In the end, I realized my talent shines best through simplicity. I lean towards an understated, classic vibe, it feels authentically me, and I’m so honored to be recognized for that.

What attracted you to APNPI’s International Image Competition? 

I was attracted to the image competition because I love the idea of learning from a community of other talented photographers, especially when there are so many that I admire or have learned from in this organization. I was hoping to receive some feedback on my images, especially the winning one, but I know for next time to request a critique if I’d like to learn more about what the judges like and dislike about the images.

Have there been any positive outcomes from your achievement?

My family and friend circle are incredibly proud and I’ve received so many compliments on my talent, dedication, and hard work. To see my clients, friends, and family proudly sharing my images on social media with loving, supportive comments makes me so happy and gives me all the motivation I could ever need to continue to learn and grow.

What were you looking for when selecting images to submit to the image competition?

I was looking for images that looked a little bit unique to many of the images I’ve seen submitted in past competitions. I have a little bit of a different style compared to traditional, posed newborn photography, and I wasn’t sure how it would place in this competition. I personally love to capture unposed images as well as poses that are artistic, unique, and representative of the baby’s traits and personality. Babies are definitely born with a personality!

What would you say to a member thinking about submitting imagery?

There is no harm in submitting, even if you start small with one or two images. At the very least, you will find out if your images are worthy of silver distinction, whether you need to improve or practice longer, or if you’re much better than you realize! Having recognition in this community is so meaningful, and I’m so glad I submitted images.