The story behind this session…

I adore fall and have been waiting to use this beautiful colour for about a year, as most Mom’s want standard pink and purple for a girl. I cut a wrap from my drop and made a tie back using some beads and faux leafs! The hair on this little angel!

This dreamy little baby had such beautiful hair and skin tone love these colours for her!
This little turkey only let me do one bean bag pose before opening those giant beautiful eyes!
Such bright eyes! She woke up and looked right up my camera.
I couldn't help but laugh when she gave me this little smirk.
Lashes for days! I couldn't get over these lashes so long.
I was trying to tuck in her little hands but she just loved her little face and so did I so inlet her.
Another wrap I made my self 100% completed my vision for toned down pinks perfect for fall!
Every mom loves a facial shot!
We all love headbands and bonnets but I like to do a shot with neither for the parents.
I've never been one for mustard but I am 100% loving it for this session!

Session by: Kimberly Driscoll Photography

Hi there!

I am so glad you’re here! My love for taking photos goes way back for me and I am thrilled to share this experience with you! I love taking a precious moment and telling YOUR story through my photos.

So who is this girl behind the camera, anyway? Here are some fun facts about me!

I love coffee, well, pretty much anything caffeinated! You’ll almost always see me with a hot cup of coffee or even better yet, a yummy latte!

Before I was a photographer, I was an Aesthetician, and before that, I was a Gymnast. Gymnastics was a better outlet for my creative side than working at the spa was, but photography is much easier on my body!

I’m a wife, and mama of a beautiful little boy, probably my life’s greatest achievement.

On any given weekend it wouldn’t be unusual to find me running around trying to balance sessions while simultaneously being a wife and mom and continuing the balancing act of doing laundry and much needed chores.

I wish I liked cleaning but I don’t, so I married a Realtor that is pretty good with staging a home so I let him organize how that works.

A few years ago I was just a mom with a camera. Now I have a thriving business AND I have the opportunity to watch amazing families and grow!

Lastly, if I could have any job in the world, it would be THIS one right here. ❤️

YOUR MOMENTS MATTER. You’ll never get today back, so don’t put it off any longer! I’d love for you to contact me with any questions you may have, and let’s book your next photo session!

I can’t wait to meet you!

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