Photography Tips for Parents

Documenting the moments that make every day special!

Take Better Photos of Baby

Written by: Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters Babies are simply scrumptious to photograph, whether it be a with dslr or an iphone. Creating bright, beautiful pictures is something any parent can achieve. Here are tips from two professional photographers that will work with...

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Capturing Your Baby

Written by: Heidi Peters and Amy Tripple Capturing your baby Get low Have you ever noticed that the best teachers, pediatricians, babysitters, etc. will always lower themselves to the height of the child they are speaking with? What these gifted child-whisperers know...

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Keeping Your Pictures Organized

Written by:  Heidi Peters and Amy Tripple Avoid getting bogged down by your hobby Being organized is not glamorous. No one will compliment for your amazing organization skills. But did you know that being organized makes the creative process much more enjoyable and...

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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Photos

Written by: Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters 5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Photos 1. Straighten your horizon A crooked picture just feels… weird. You can solve many problems of composition by keeping an eye on your horizon. You’ll be able to frame up the other parts of your...

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Being your family’s journalist

Written by: Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters Being your family's journalist I’ve always believed that one of the biggest privileges of owning a decent camera is the opportunity to capture my children’s lives. In fact, a number of years ago I deemed myself the “Family...

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