Written by: Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters

Babies are simply scrumptious to photograph, whether it be a with dslr or an iphone. Creating bright, beautiful pictures is something any parent can achieve. Here are tips from two professional photographers that will work with any camera:

Pick your time

Babies are easiest to photograph when they are fed, dry, warm and content. Grab your camera when you and your baby are relaxed. Let your baby ‘do their thing’ while you simply enjoy a few minutes observing and snapping pictures. If after a while your baby is ready to do something else, put away the camera until another opportunity arises.

Find the light

Most homes have an area that receives plentiful, indirect light. Scope out your home to find this spot! It will probably be near a large, unobstructed window. The more light you have available, the greater chance of capturing images which show off your baby’s beautiful features. Our favorite strategy is to clear a space in a bright area and lay down a few quilts or blankets on the floor. Avoid using a space with harsh direct sunlight.


Don’t be afraid to move distracting furniture like lamps and chairs out of the way temporarily. These objects may create unwanted shapes in the background of your picture and draw the focus away from your baby.

Keep it real

When you look back years later, the most meaningful pictures will be those that truly captured a time and place. Photographing your baby with quirky props will not stir memories of how those first few months really felt.

Dress simply, or not at all!

Avoid “dressing up” your baby in adult style clothes which are gimmicky and will not stand the test of time. Likewise, try not to photograph your baby in a car seat or bouncer since they are typically upholstered with brightly patterned fabric. If in doubt, take off baby’s clothes (leaving the diaper on), swaddle your little one in a solid colored blanket, and lay him on a simple quilt.

Get those details

Take a moment to zoom in on special details like fingers, toes, ears, eyelashes and lips. Because these features change quickly, it is fun to photograph them as your baby grows.

Safety first

It should go without saying that photographing your baby should not involve risk. Never place your baby in a pose that could be harmful. Any unnatural pose that puts strain on his neck or back should be absolutely avoided. Likewise, do not set your baby in a location where it could roll or fall. To eliminate risk, clear a space on the floor and lay down some blankets, or capture images while your baby is in a bassinet or crib. Perhaps the best and safest place of all to photograph your baby is in the arms of a loved one.

Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters are award-winning photographers. Their work has appeared in Parents Magazine, US Weekly, People, The Chicago Tribune and Professional Photographer Magazine. They created Shoot Along to give themselves structure and accountability to capture their own families and decided it would be a great concept to share with other parents.

What began as a personal project has grown into a friendly and rewarding passion, offering support and instruction to parents on six continents. The goal of Shoot Along is to give parents the tools they need to document their families through photography.

Over 3,500 parents have taken part in Shoot Along since it started in 2014.

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