Written by:  Cara Hall

My journey with my camera has been a lifelong passion, one that I come back to over and over no matter where else life takes me.  Like many other photographers, I honed my skills and opened up a business, partly because I was obsessed with photography, and partly because it seemed like a great way to fund my passions and desires to buy my dream camera equipment.  It was an unfortunate paradox then to realize that I was spending so much energy on providing beautiful images for my clients, while being negligent in getting out the camera for my own family, and had little to nothing of my own children!

When I saw another photographer mention Shoot Along in 2015, I joined right away, I was eager to have beautiful images of my own family.  My skills were mainly as a studio photographer, under controlled lighting and controlled sets.  Lifestyle imagery and natural light was wayyy out of my comfort zone!  Needless to say, with the purpose, the guidance, and a community to tap into and interact with, I took the challenges and pushed myself out of my comfort zone… the results?  Images that I CHERISH and would never have taken on my own!

So if you’re still reading, you’re likely a lot like me in that you just LOVE images of your babies and your family.  Whether you’re new to owning a camera, or have had one for a while but haven’t gotten around to learning all those functions at your finger tips, or maybe you’re just stale in your photos and looking for something more.  Shoot Along 2018 is a great program for those looking to learn and improve, and to purposefully build a collection of beautiful images of your family!

If you’re interested in more information about Shoot Along 2018, visit here:  www.shootalong.com

Below are some of my favs from my Shoot Along journey in 2015.  🙂



Hi everyone, thanks for reading my post. Since 2015, I’ve continued to follow various challenges to keep photos of my family front and centre in my life and I just get so much joy from looking at these images. I’m also a big advocate that Moms need to get in front of the camera and have their photos taken too…  but if you’re like me, too shy, too busy, etc etc, then selfies with my kids is the answer and currently the only way I’m ever photographed. For me, it’s the best way! 🙂

Cara is the owner/photographer at Cafe Bebe Photography.  She’s also a proud team member of APNPI, and proud mama of 2 amazing children.