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Session Spotlight: In Hospital Maternity Session- A Mama on Bedrest

I did this session as a creative project, a way to connect with mothers who are on bedrest. To show them that even though you are on bedrest, whether at the hospital or in your home, you can have that dream maternity session that you always hoped for. Images that will tell your unique story. and one day will be so special to you. I am passionate about documenting these days that I know one day you will be so happy to have and look back on. For this session I had a vision, I knew I wanted to show what it was like to be on bedrest in the hospital. I never wanted to hide any aspect of it. IV,s monitors, hospital bed and all.

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Christmas Season 2017

With the festive season upon us, photographers everywhere are working hard providing Christmas themed photos to their clients.  It's the most popular time of year to update family photos and to get those hard to capture sibling portraits, which means many...

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Session Spotlight: Golden Hour Nursing Session

This amazing session was this beautiful mom’s idea. I love when clients push me out of the box!!
This session was rescheduled 4 times because of weather! What a wet summer we had.
It was totally worth the wait.
From the beautiful fresh floral crowns to the epic light, this session will always be one of my favourites and on that I feel very proud of.
I am a STRONG supporter of breastfeeding and this session filled my heart and soul.

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