The story behind this session…

I always love a session where I can try something new! Baby girl Madeline’s middle name is Iris, which was also her grandmother’s name. Madeline’s mom reached out to me prior to the session and asked if we could incorporate her husband’s back tattoo of an iris into a portrait with Madeline. After some research, I chose the pose that I thought would show off both the baby and the tattoo well. Dad was actually surprised to find out when they arrived that he would be doing a shirtless photo for this session, but he was a good sport.

It took longer than expected to pose Iris on his shoulder and his muscles are so big (LOL) that his hand could just barely reach her, but mom held his arm up at the elbow while we got her in position and then she spotted only a few inches away while we took the photos. I’m excited how it turned out!

I love this photo mostly because of the perfect framing! I used every corner of the frame to make this most of this closeup, taking care to ensure her feet and the bows remained visible. The leading lines created by her feet to her face make this image one of my top three from this session!

This is the same setup as the previous image, but taken from further back. I usually prefer doing monochrome styling for newborn props, but when I put the gray wrap and headband with the gray fluff (which I created from deconstructed yarn), it felt too masculine to me, so I switched it out for a white wrap and a headband of bows. That made all the difference! I call this one "Light in the Darkness."

Love the light reflection and the softness from the white faux sheepskin rug. She has the most perfect lips! Mwah!

Mom requested this prop from a photo in my newborn gallery. I try to showcase most of my props in my online portfolio so parents can share which ones they'd like to use for their sessions.

Love this "Popeye" smile!

I take way too many photos of baby feet! I'm obsessed with their little toes!

She was a grumpy bear in this setup, but I was able to smooth her expression a bit in Photoshop.

Dad was relieved to put his shirt back on. LOL! We actually did the mother/baby photos first to allow him some time to cool down after the iris tattoo pics.

Another photo that mom requested from my portfolio. Not in my usual rotation, but easy to take and edit, so maybe I need to add it!

Session by: Rebecca Danzenbaker Photography

Rebecca Danzenbaker is a photographer in Northern Virginia with over 10 years of experience photographing newborn babies, children and families. Her home newborn studio is located in her home in Ashburn, VA.
Rebecca’s photography has been featured in Northern Virginia Magazine, Front Porch Living magazine, and, among others. She’s had two images win first place in the APNPI image competitions! Rebecca work can be seen on display at Premier Birth Center in Chantilly, VA, South Riding Pediatrics in South Riding, VA, NOVA Birth Partners in Stone Ridge, VA, and the Inova Hospital System’s NICUs in Fairfax and Fair Oaks, VA.

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