The story behind this session…

I did this session as a creative project, a way to connect with mothers who are on bedrest. To show them that even though you are on bedrest, whether at the hospital or in your home, you can have that dream maternity session that you always hoped for.  Images that will tell your unique story. and one day will be so special to you. I am passionate about documenting these days that I know one day you will be so happy to have and look back on.  For this session I had a vision, I knew I wanted to show what it was like to be on bedrest in the hospital. I never wanted to hide any aspect of it. IV,s monitors, hospital bed and all.

I loved the idea of using what we had and making it beautiful. She was on bedrest so I envisioned her showing mostly skin and wearing something lacy and pretty that would contrast against the white hospital sheets. For this image I stood on a stool and reached my arms all the way above my head. I could almost touch the ceiling!

Being a "Mama Bird" is the idea of the selfless love and sacrifice that every mother makes for the well-being of her babies. Here she is in the hospital fighting for her and her babies well being. This shirt and intimate look seemed the perfect fit for her.

After I left her session, she reached out to me to say that this session was reviving. That it was fun and gave her that push to help her through the rest of her pregnancy in the hospital! I hope It will always be that fun memory, and a sweet day of her pregnancy to look back on!

Session by: Lo Photo

I am a birth, newborn and motherhood photographer located in west Texas! I am a storyteller, taking those most important moments in your life and freezing them in a moment that you can hold onto, and look back on.


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