This little Princess came into the world weighing just over 4lbs. I shot her fresh 48 session at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto January 10th 2017. She just seemed like she was smiling through the whole session. I knew she was going to be a perfect little model for her Newborn session. Twelve days later she was in my studio weighing just shy of 5lbs. Coming into this session I knew her mom loved colourful images. This baby had such amazing skin tone, I really wanted to incorporate natural vintage looking colours and textures as well. This little lady didn’t disappoint. Sleeping through most of the session with still just a peaceful face just as in the hospital. This was definetly one of my favourite sessions.

Daddys little princess, she had him sighing and gasping at her sweetness through these photos.

This photo made me laugh, the lamb lovie was so little and it was almost the same size as she was.

With this little pout she will always have mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger.

My second time trying this pose. I was happy how it turned out, but I know theres still some fine qweaking to be done. (Not to be confused with quirking.)

The happiest mom ever. She was laughing and joking around through the whole session.

Dad was making me laugh through these images. He was saying.. " She's so confused, this morning when I woke up I was at home... now I'm in a bucket! Mom what are you doing to me!" I had so much fun with this family.

Yay I was so happy with this image. I think I nailed it.

So we tried so hard to get a picture with dad (which eventually we did). However, every time dad got close to Sophia she would cry. He was getting a bit of a complex.

This smile... hmmm they say babies don't really smile. This one seems very deliberate.

Sweet little angel face really made this session so easy for me.

Session by: Rebekah Anne Photography

“Those magical moments when your newborn arrives slip away so quickly.”

I was born in Montreal and raised in Northern Ontario in a bustling home of seven people. I learnt my love of photography from my mother , who never ceased to amaze me with her talent in the arts and creating beautiful photographs and paintings. I now live in Burlington Ontario and now have five beautiful children myself. I quickly realized at their young age, many memories are forgotten if not for capturing special moments through photographs.

Starting with my love of landscape photography, my style has over the years evolved into a special love for newborns and babies.

My passion is to help new parents capture the perfect moments of their newborns. With a warm friendly nature and a cozy comfortable setting, I try very hard to make your experience in my studio one where you can relax, know your baby will be well taken care of and will pour my heart into each and every experience.

Rebekah Anne Photography offers an array, baby, infant, family photography experiences and pours her heart into creating the perfect set, with beautiful outfits, backdrops and props. The perfect investment, to have these beautiful moments turned into long lasting memories for years to come.

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