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For photography, the most important aspect for me is connection. Whether it be between the photographer and the subject(s) or between the subjects. I want to feel something. I want to think about how the people in the photographs will feel about those photos in 25 years. Photographs are our one and only true time capsule, all the details matter.

Angie Knutson


Angie Knutson found herself entering the photography industry when she was 20 after receiving an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. She took a break from school unsure of what to do with her life and got a job doing data entry. Let’s just say she was super bad at it and may or may not have lost that job after about 3 months. After that, she put all her eggs in one basket and put everything she had into this brand new business. She started taking photos of her oldest niece—who just turned 8—and somehow, it just snowballed. Here she is, 10 years later, a few studio moves, a bunch of identity crises and a few light set ups later…crazy how time flies. Angie just wants to create something real. Yes, she knows that posed newborn photography is staged and calculated in every way down to the temperature but she takes a more authentic approach…allowing those teeny tiny baby features to remain. Angie has worn a lot of hats. She used to shoot weddings, boudoir, seniors…everything. About 3 years into her journey, she decided to focus on babies. Newborns offer a challenge that no other type of session can offer. Angie takes a really relaxed approach to her sessions, allowing the babies to determine every step of the way. Angie is also well known for her hospital Fresh 48 sessions. That genuine adoration in the faces of her clients is what she lives for. While posed newborn sessions are her bread and butter, there’s something about Fresh 48 sessions that can’t be touched. When Angie looks back at photos of her childhood, it’s the photos with the messy backgrounds, unplanned outfits and interaction that are her favorites.

What grabs my attention first – the overall image. I study light and the correct use of it as well as the posing of the client/newborn. When viewing a maternity image I regard posing, use of light and emotion the image leaves the viewer. Newborn posing should encompass safety and not overwhelming the image with the use of props. Remember, simplicity is always timeless.

Alli Peck


Alli Peck is a Canadian photographer who specializes in newborn and maternity photography. Her specialty is the expecting mother and the showcasing the natural beauty of pregnancy through photography, Alli has travelled the world teaching other photographers how to capture this precious time by the use of lighting, posing and editing photography techniques. Alli is a proud Ambassador for APNPI.

Impact and a clear story are what initially grab my attention. Images that tell stories draw you into them more. Why? They illicit emotion from the viewer. And a great story creates great impact. Any image that can make you draw your breath in when you see it for the first time, is an image that captures the soul. Combine that with incredible technical ability, stunning lighting, color harmony and the “right” post-processing will do well every time.

Julia Kelleher


Julia Kelleher is a Nikon Ambassador, WPPI and PPA Master, PPA Master Artist and APNPI Ambassador. In business 13 years she specializes in newborn, children and family portraits out of her retail studio in Bend, OR. She is a seasoned judge and print competitor, having won multiple prestigious awards from all over the world. She is a passionate educator, teaching creatives how to strategically run their businesses with profitability and efficiency, while at the same time helping them balance family and personal obligations. She is a marketing guru, having helped multiple studios grow from in-home start-ups to 6-figure retail companies with steady, loyal clients and systemized processes.

For me, the people I photograph are always at the center of my art. I want to see how photographers beyond creating beautiful photographs but capturing people’s precious moments and stories in a beautiful light.

Shan Fisher


Shan Fisher is an international photographer educator, motivational speaker and the owner and CEO of two successful companies –Shan Fisher Photography and Shan Fisher Education. She is specialized in the timeless white and emotional storytelling photography style. She built my 6 figure photography business from the ground up, while being the mum of two little boys. She is one of the most sought-after photographers on Isle of Man, British Isles and has received the Awards of Excellence Enterprise for 2 consecutive years (2018 & 2019).​ Her signature training and coaching programs, which give photographers a streamlined business framework, modern marketing techniques, and support to develop an entrepreneurial mindset for success. Her purpose is to empower photographers to follow their dreams, overcome their limiting beliefs, discover their true potential and self-worth, and build a profitable business with passion and compassion, so they can live the life they love!

Jennifer Robyn is the acting Social Media Manager for APNPI and owner and operator of Shutterbug Imaging, specializing in Newborn Posed Photography. Located in Courtice, Ontario, Jennifer travels to her clients’ homes to hold her sessions all throughout the GTA. She is an award-winning, published photographer and Accredited APNPI Member in the categories of Newborn Posed and Maternity. See more of Jennifer Robyn at http://www.shutterbugimaging.ca

See more of Jennifer Robyn Kamminga at http://www.shutterbugimaging.ca