APNPI Competition 2nd Place Winner – Milestones Category

“My Lovely Six Months” by Lilliana Norris

The Story Behind the Winning Image

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in some of these amazing images, particularly those that are competition winners?

Enjoy a look inside this image… and be sure to scroll down for further Q&A with Lily!

The History behind this lovely picture…. Well that start when I decided broke the rules in 2019 when I photographed my first 6 months boy posed!!!


And since that date I started posing old babies to 1month old to 1 year!!


This particular image was planned! Since the successful demand in old babies I decided to add “Sleeped Babies” images in my collections moms love and Me too! I love the perfect skin, rolls and the cute faces of old babies, Santiago came to my studio since Newborn and month by month, I had the image in mind, I visualized the colors, outfit etc… I loved the final photo and this is why I decided to enter the Competition and now I’m so happy with the Place in the competition!   

To see more of Lilly’s work: https://lilynorris.wixsite.com/lilynorrisphotos

The Inside Scoop…

Q: Why did you decide to submit to the APNPI International Image Competition?

A: Since I’m APNPI member only was watching only over the fence, this time I decide to give a step and enter to the competition to check if my advance was at the label to get some place during the Competition.

Q: What, if anything, did you learn about yourself through the process of image competition judging?

A:  I learned that We need to believe in your own grow in the experience, and that you can continue with your goals!

Q: What attracted you to APNPI’s International Image Competition? 

A: I really love to watch the recorded judging and learn about the each Judge, I’m very happy with the quality and professionalism, etc

Q: Have there been any positive outcomes from your achievement?

A: In this particular image I had very nice comment from the parent and clients since the session, after I received the achievement I thing the customers has the confident to book and trust in me more!

Q: What were you looking for when selecting images to submit to the image competition?

A: I’m looking to prove to myself about my advance, growing and check the quality of my images and composition

Q: What would you say to a member thinking about submitting imagery?

A: Enter!!! and don’t think so much to send your images no matter if you don’t get a place, enter to competitions let the judges comments your images and for sure you will learn a lot and continue growing!

To learn more: APNPI Image Competition

Did you know…

All members receive one free entry – so go ahead try it out, you have nothing to lose!

Each image is up for an award, whether it’s in the top 3 or not.  Every submission competes against itself to earn a Merit Award (score of 80 and above).

Merit Awards are prestigious accomplishments!  They denote a level that stands out above the Accreditation level.

Competing is an excellent way for members to sharpen their skills and elevate their work.

Members learn a ton from entering their images and receiving feedback from the judges.

For more info and to enter, visit: www.apnpi.com/image-competition