Located in Oshawa, ON Canada

Name: Shelly Ferguson

Representing: Shelly Ferguson Photography

I love being able to create images that are little different than the norm while still staying true to what speaks to me the most, which is simplicity; the creation of art out of little more that just my subject. I was very inspired with this piece to create a more conceptual style of fine art representing the baby in the womb.

Learn about business if you want to get into business, not just photography.

How would you describe your photography style? What inspires your work?

I would describe my work as simple, natural, minimalist, artistic. I am very inspired in life by the beauty of simplicity. I see the beauty in the most basic of things and truly feel like art can be created with a minimalist concept in mind.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting a newborn photography business?

I actually have two pieces of advice…one is learn about business if you want to get into business, not just photography. My second bit of advice from the creative stand point would be to take the time and experiment with different genres/styles. You will never now what you are inspired to create until you try. You can love looking at many genres (I do!) but when it comes to creating, you will only know what is right for you once you experience it!

What camera do you use? What are your favourite lenses and what’s typically in your camera bag?

I use a Nikon D4 and typically my 35 mm or 50 mm lens (both 1.4) plus a macro lens (60 mm) I have tried other lenses and honestly just keep coming back to those basic ones – just like in my artwork, simplicity is best for me 🙂

What is your favorite place to hold sessions and why?  Where do you photograph most of your sessions? (in studio? on location?)

I do 95% of my sessions in my studio. I know how my space/light/equipment will work for me and what I am able to create in it. I have everything I need in my tiny little space to create my style of simple, minimalist work.

What should clients expect when working with you?

Clients should expect that I will do everything I can to create beautiful images of their baby in a simple, artistic, minimalist way. I do not use props or many accessories. I keep all the focus on their baby, showcasing their pure beauty. I will work with their baby awake or asleep, following their cues, keeping them as comfortable and relaxed as possible and capture the beauty of who they are at this amazing young age. I will also capture the beautiful, loving connection between the parents and baby (and siblings…including fur siblings!) I am not a lifestyle photographer per say, I do still put much thought into ‘posing’ but it is always done in a natural, minimalist, artistic way to give them memories to last a lifetime!

Another driving force in my vision is always trying to capture a loving connection between parent and baby, while still creating an artistically visual piece of art.

I try to make a conscious effort to include any artwork that my client has thoughtfully taken the time to add to their own body; it helps tell their personal unique story.

This image pretty much embodies my whole purpose in creating newborn artwork...it's simply about their beautiful baby, so fresh, so tiny, so perfect. This simplicity can still make a strong artistic statement by keeping in mind the elements of art (light/shadow/space/composition etc...)

Newborns come with their own personalities right from the beginning and I feel it is so important to capture images like this so that parents can remember everything about their babies, not just the perfectly posed sleeping images.

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