Located in Te Kauwhata, NZ

Name: Racheal Trail

Representing: Racheal Trail Photography

# of Years Experience: 1

This wee boy is 5 weeks old in this shot. Once I got him to sleep I was able to get some beautiful images for his mum

Tell us about yourself. What do you love doing in your spare time? What inspired you to newborn photography and do you photograph other genre’s in your business?

I absolutely love to photograph brand new babies. Capturing real love and emotion in my images is what truly nourishes my soul. My husband and I are dairy farmers in New Zealand. We have 5 children. We love being outdoors and getting out and exploring.
My love for babies inspired me to start taking photos. I also shoot maternity.
I also love to do landscape photography

How would you describe your photography style? What inspires your work?

I love posed sessions rather than lifestyle as I like the planning and styling and knowing what I am going to be doing for the session.
Ana Brandt is one of my biggest inspirations

Who has inspried you and how did you first come across their work?

Ana Brandt is one of my biggest inspirations, I came across her through youtube when I was just starting out

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting a newborn photography business?

Watch lots of tutorials and try and do an in person workshop

What camera do you use? What are your favourite lenses and what’s typically in your camera bag?

I shoot with a Sony A7Riv my go to lens is 24-70mm 2.8 GM

What is your favorite place to hold sessions and why?Where do you photograph most of your sessions? (in studio? on location?)

I mostly shoot in the clients home. It makes for a more relaxing session for mum and baby

What (if any) photography training, mentoring or workshops have you taken?

I have had training with Merrin Easton Photography, I have do online workshops with Kelly Brown, Ana Brandt, Milkway Retreats, Hello Little Props and Amy McDaniel

Tell us about starting your business, and what played a key role in developing a profitable income.

I started just over 18 months ago, I have tried to learn as much as I can about newborn safety and posing to build my portfolio up and get paying clients and then upping my prices as my work improved

Growing pains: tell us about some of your challenges you have faced in your business, and how you overcame them.

Trying to get my work to be consistent when shooting with natural light in clients homes. I will now start taking a portable light to over come inconsistent light

What should clients expect when working with you?

A relaxed session and attention to detail. I never force a baby to do a pose and tell clients that some shots may not be achievable.

This little guy was just the cutest. I mages to get a great gallery for his mum and dad

This wee boy was such a great sleeper and was so relaxed during his session

I love how this shot turned out. It was my first time trying it. Mum loved it

This wee girl was so amazing during her session.

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