Located in Miami, Florida US

Name: Deiby Quintero

Representing: Dquintero Photography

# of Years Experience: 10

Little Xander - Newborn Session

Who has inspried you and how did you first come across their work?

I’ve been always inpired by nature, specially mountains because I grew up sorrounded by these beauties. In such a way that my first approach to photography were attempts to capture the hidden beauty in each landscape discovered in the Andes, it was a very intuitive and unforgettable start. For a few years I combined a passion for photography with the profession of mountain guide, my first formal job. At the same time I was still dedicated to landscape photography. Since dedicating myself professionally to this type of photography was not very profitable in my country, I decided to start taking photos of events (weddings, birthdays, grades, etc.) and at that stage the possibility of making children’s portraits arose. In addition to nature, photography of children’s portraits was the one that brought me the most satisfaction and I decided to improve and acquire a higher level.
All that practical experience was giving me the knowledge that I did not formally acquire in an arts school or institute, I followed a self-training process until I practically left my country to come to the United States.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting a newborn photography business?

One of key takeaways of success is do not not settle for being good, but strive to reach the pinnicale of excellence. That excellence goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction.

What camera do you use? What are your favourite lenses and what’s typically in your camera bag?

Nikon Z5, lens 50mm, 35mm, waiting for the 70-200.

What (if any) photography training, mentoring or workshops have you taken?

“El Camino a lo Extraordinario” (2017) by Dreamlight Academy (Chile)

“The art of Newborn Photography I” by Bel Ferreira (Brazil)

“Fine Art Portraits” by Jason Buff of Jabu Studio (Mexico)
“The art of Newborn Photography II” by Bel Ferreira (Brazil)
“Newborn Photography” by Diana Carballo (Italia)

“Fine Art Children’s Portraiture” by Lisset Perrier (USA)
“1:1 in person Fine Art workshop”by Barbara Macferrin (USA)

Growing pains: tell us about some of your challenges you have faced in your business, and how you overcame them.

I think overall I’ve been very fortunate during my career, I have had the opportunity to meet many different places and people. Probably the biggest difficulty I have faced has been starting my business from scratch. In 2017 due to the political and social crisis in my country, my wife and I decided to abandon our life and start a new professional stage in Miami. During this last years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with people who come from different countries and cultures, the experience has been very enriching and we are very grateful to be able to grow again.

Baby Alessa - Newborn Session

Olivia Little Mermaid - Newborn Session

Sebastian and his friends -Newborn Session

Princess Mia - Newborn Session

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