Written by: Amanda Capello

Hi Newborn photographers!

I am so excited to share with you my DIY newborn photography backdrop stand. Made of just a few materials, it is both easy to make, and cost effective. I have measured out everything out that you need to know to make this newborn photography stand and show you step-by-step my process. I have also provided links to everything you need so – shopping made easy, and most items can be delivered right to you (thanks amazon!)

What I love most about this photography stand is it is on storage risers (multi-purposed) because I can use it to store my items but also – it lifts the beanbag and saves my back and knees from bending over and getting up and down all day long! (I know you feel me on this one). It is so important to work ergonomically so you can work for a long time, happily and healthy!

To get the guide with step by step instructions, click here: https://acapellophotography.com/for-photographers/

I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂 I cannot wait to see your set ups. Be sure to tag me @acapello_photography so I can see how you’re getting on with it!

Hi! I am Amanda Capello- Owner of Acapello Photography. My journey started in photography when I was young as an assistant to my mom who was a Wedding and Portrait Photographer. My journey continued unexpectedly and niched into Maternity and Newborn Portraits. Of all the genres I have learned in my many years in photography, Newborn photography required the largest learning curve ( and arguably the most time and cost). This is why I created my DIY newborn stand guide to help you make do with a much more cost effective and reliable newborn stand. I hope you get great use out of it! It has served me well for many, many years!

See more of Amanda Capello at https://acapellophotography.com/for-photographers/