Join Our Growing List of Accredited Photographers

Did you know we actively look for ways to feature our APNPI accredited members? Here at APNPI we know how hard you work to achieve accreditation. It’s not unusual for members to apply several times to the category of their choosing! So when you achieve accreditation, we’re ready and waiting to shout it from the rooftops!

Did you know, every accredited member is provided with an Accredited Photographer badge specific to their chosen category? We also suit you up with a professional press release for media release and certificate of completion for display in your place of business but perhaps best of all are priority listings in our members directory and our Accredited Member Features on the APNPI site.

Every newly accredited member has the opportunity to complete their complimentary Accredited Photographer Feature Page for listing on our site. The page can be linked within your biography, shared on social media platforms and is prominently displayed to our Parent Visitors through the Parent Section of our site.

Meet one of our newest Accredited Members: Amanda Gibson of Gibson Photography located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  Amanda has earned her Accreditation in the category of Maternity..

A message from Amanda about her Accreditation experience.

“I wanted to show that I take my art very seriously. That I always strive to improve my work. And that my work can stand apart from others. The feedback really helped me to look into what I needed to improve on. But also gave me the confidence in my work, that I often don’t give myself. I am going to continue to strive to better myself, and I also will think about getting accredited in different areas.”

We are proud to stand behind Amanda’s passion to provide an amazing client experience and her accomplishment in achieving accreditation through APNPI.

What’s stopping you from applying for Accreditation?

As a QNP Certified Member, your next step in your pathway of development through APNPI is to achieve accreditation in the category of your choosing. Nervous to apply? Consider submitting to our Feedback Friday program in our Facebook Membership Group for direct feedback from current judges prior to our submission deadline. Need a little encouragement? Post to the group for feedback from members. Questions about applying? Refer to our recent video tutorial outlining detailed submission instructions. We believe in your talent and look forward to helping you along your path of development through our APNPI Accreditation Programming Today!