APNPI Competition 3rd Place Winner – Newborn “Always Here For You” by Jennifer McNeil

The Story Behind the Winning Image

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in some of these amazing images, particularly those that are competition winners?

Come enjoy a look inside this image… (and be sure to scroll down to see Q&A with Jennifer below the video!)

Specializing in newborn photography, Jenn is located in Southern California, where she has photographed over 3,000 babies over the last 14 years. Her passion for color, and connection between subjects comes through in this winning image as well as all of her work.

To see more of Jennifer’s work: https://jennifermcneilphotography.com

The Inside Scoop…

Q: Why did you decide to submit to the APNPI International Image Competition?

A: Getting feedback on images in general is always a good idea professionally speaking. It’s nice to get a score rather than only a placement, so that I can see my personal growth over time.

Q: What, if anything, did you learn about yourself through the process of image competition judging?

A: Whenever I add on critiques, I learn more about the little mistakes I may make and yet overlook. These competitions also remind me that I’m driven by growth and learning.

Q: What attracted you to APNPI’s International Image Competition? 

A: I appreciate the scoring system so I can see if I am improving overall. I find the feedback on the critiques to be helpful as well. One thing I greatly enjoy about APNPI is the commitment to newborn safety which is why I keep coming back.

Q: Have there been any positive outcomes from your achievement?

A: Parents definitely appreciate the accolades from APNPI. It does tend to be shared with me that they felt good about their choice of photographer knowing I’m linked with APNPI and their safety standards. And of course, winning images make them feel good too.

Q: What were you looking for when selecting images to submit to the image competition?

A: There are always images that stand out to me more, probably because I liked creating them most. From there, I try to look for something that is on par with most of my work, something a client could expect to see in their gallery. I realize this is not what everyone does, but to me, it is more about being consistent with what I provide clients, and knowing those images are improving, rather than doing a specialty session for the sake of a competition only.

Q: What would you say to a member thinking about submitting imagery?

A: Choose an image that you are proud of – but figure out why you are proud of it – is it the lighting, the posing? Then add on critique and see what the judges have to say about those areas. While at the end of the day your vision, and your client’s satisfaction may be most important, if you want to grow and learn, it’s important to know what you can work on and measure that over time.

To learn more: APNPI Image Competition

Did you know…

All members receive one free entry – so go ahead try it out, you have nothing to lose!

Each image is up for an award, whether it’s in the top 3 or not.  Every submission competes against itself to earn a Merit Award (score of 80 and above).

Merit Awards are prestigious accomplishments!  They denote a level that stands out above the Accreditation level.

Competing is an excellent way for members to sharpen their skills and elevate their work.

Members learn a ton from entering their images and receiving feedback from the judges.

For more info and to enter, visit: www.apnpi.com/image-competition