Written by: Jennifer Robyn

Meet the APNPI Judges!

Our next round of Accreditation is quickly approaching and we’d like to introduce you to our APNPI Judges! Judges have completed the APNPI Judges Training and are respected members of the industry spanning various styles and genres of maternity, newborn and baby photography.

Applications are now open for our QNP Certified members to apply for accreditation in one of our 10 categories. Want some support and feedback on which images would be good to submit? Consider participating in our Feedback Friday sessions where our judges critique image submissions from within our membership community group on Facebook. This is a great way to make sure your submission is ready and a wonderful way to experience image critiques before our accreditation deadline dates. Pay attention in the FB group for more information.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions with our amazing judging panel!

Submission Deadline: Feb 6th, 2024

*Are you an accredited member of APNPI and interested in our judge training program? Email us at admin@apnpi.com

Lisa Digeso ~ Photographer at Milk & Honey Photography, co-owner of the Milky Way a photographer’s resource, Host & producer of the online Retreat series, Podcast host of the Art & Soul Show, wannabe yogi, avid book buyer, and education junkie. She is a curious cat, always exploring and researching something. Lisa has never been a colour inside the lines kind of girl. She look at the world with a sense of humour, and have never taken off my rose-coloured glasses. This is the kind of art she creates. Thats the kind of businesses she runs. Business run with intention, integrity and heart and soul. She is a mama bear proud of her students, and gets lit up by their transformations and confidence and belief in themselves. Her purpose is to create, empower, educate and entertain, and she is the happiest when all of those blend together.

Irene Bible ~ the award-winning photographer behind Vine and Branch Studio in Prospect, Kentucky. With over 10 years of experience, Irene specializes in capturing the essence of Motherhood, Family, and Branding. Her keen eye and artistic touch have earned her acclaim in the photography world. Through her lens, she transforms moments into timeless treasures, creating visual stories that resonate with warmth and authenticity. Join Irene on a journey of visual storytelling, where every click captures the beauty of life’s precious moments.

Alicia Barrett ~ Is an award winning and accredited Professional Photographer with a specialty on Newborn Photography. However, living up to her name, “A2Z,” she captures moments spanning a wide spectrum – from Maternity and Newborns to Pets, Children, Families, and Weddings, among others. Currently, Alicia runs a Portrait Studio in Clarenville, Newfoundland, and she finds great joy in capturing the magic of Destination Weddings, combining her passion with the opportunity to explore the world. Through hard work and dedication, Alicia has achieved accreditation in children and infant portraits with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in addition to accreditation in Newborn Posed and Little Sitters through APNPI. Photography is not just her profession; it’s her greatest passion in life. It’s an immense honor to create timeless photographs that will resonate through generations. This passion has been ingrained in me since childhood and is reignited with each opportunity she has to capture moments through her lens. The explosion of this passion reflects in her images, ensuring her clients have cherished memories that last a lifetime. Beyond capturing beautiful moments with people, Alicia finds immense pleasure in venturing into nature to photograph wildlife as well.

Katie Jane McCormick ~ As a multi-award-winning photographer, she is proud to have been named ‘studio photographer of the year 2023’ by The British Institute of Professional Photographers. Her speciality lies in portraits, where her passion lies in crafting visually striking images that beautifully reflect the personalities and individuality of her subjects. Collaborating with her participants, Katie brings her creative vision to life by incorporating their unique input, resulting in imagery that radiates with beauty and authenticity. Based in a small rural village in North Wales, Katie Jane McCormick is a photographer who specialises in newborn, child, and portrait photography. Her passion for capturing precious moments stemmed from her love for her children and was further ignited when she obtained a BA Hons Photography and Film degree, sparking a flame of creativity within her.

Jennifer Robyn

APNPI – Social Media Manager