Congratulations on receiving your Accreditation!  


You may now fill out the form below to generate your Accreditation Press Release.  You can upload any image you like, and may repeat the process as many times as you wish, if you don’t like the way your image looks and would like to try again.  The image must be a horizontal crop, and be a 4×6 ratio.

Please feel free to show off your press release however you wish.  Some ideas to consider include a blog write up on what it means to you, and what significant the Accreditation has for parents who are shopping around.  Any social media is a great platform, including Facebook and Instagram.  Local news stations are good contacts too, especially if you pair it with a community event you are running.  Do you have local image displays up in a midwife or doctor’s office?  Mount your press release and hang it next to your work.  The sky is the limit, and as always, we love to hear how our members are using their press releases, so please do tag us in social media and share new ideas in the members community Facebook group!

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