Celebrating Creativity: Meet the Maternity Category Winner of the APNPI Image Competition

We’re thrilled to show off our 2nd place winner in the 2023 Autumn APNPI Image Competition for the Maternity Category, aaaaand, having scored so well consistently in both rounds of competition, Amanda has also won the Photographer of the Year award!

Read on below to learn more about what inspired Amanda to enter and about her experience.

2nd Place Winner Maternity Category: Amanda Capello

Business Name: Acapello photography

Located in: Phoenix, Arizona, USA


2nd place winner maternity category apnpi competition Amanda Capello

APNPI Competition 2nd place winner – Maternity Category | “Simplicity” by Amanda Capello

Why did you decide to submit to the APNPI International Image Competition?

I love pushing myself out of my comfy zone and love that APNPI offers this opportunity!

What, if anything, did you learn about yourself through the process of image competition judging?

I loved to hear the judges comments and critique! It is so interesting to see how others view things 🙂

What attracted you to APNPI’s International Image Competition? (e.g. feedback provided, quality of the judging staff, professionalism, etc.)

I love that it is professionally judged and that it is international. I love that they have a fair judging.

Have there been any positive outcomes from your achievement?

I’ve been recognized by clients and potential clients when I shared it on my social media.

What were you looking for when selecting images to submit to the image competition?

When selecting images to enter I wanted to make sure I had my strongest image in lighting, composition, expression, pose.

What would you say to a member thinking about submitting imagery?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Entering is a no brainer 🙂