We are thrilled to present this prestigious award to

Amanda Capello

Amanda is an APNPI Ambassador, is accredited in maternity with APNPI, is an APNPI educator, an incredible contributor to the APNPI community, and she creates some of the most stunning imagery in Maternity Photography we’ve seen!

This former high school math teacher turned professional maternity and newborn photographer describes her style as minimalist, elegant, monochromatic, editorial and timeless.

She has built her business over the last decade and has been honoured to be featured on the cover of both shutter up magazine, and shutter scene magazine. Amanda has also been the featured photographer in many online magazines and has won awards including top local photographer in a local 85086 magazine, as well as top photographer from expertise.

If you’re not already familiar with Amanda and her work, you’re going to enjoy getting to know her.

See more of Amanda’s work at: Amanda Capello Photography


Amanda’s Top Winning Images

APNPI Photographer Of The Year

To win the APNPI Newborn Photographer of the Year award, the entrant must achieve a minimum of three Merit Images among both the First and Final Image Competition Rounds, and must have achieved a minimum of one Accreditation in any category.  The entrant who has the highest average score among their top three winning images from any category, will be awarded the APNPI Newborn Photographer of the Year. In the case of a tie, the judges will do a final round of judging to determine the prize winner.