Written by: Helga Firla

This session was very special to me.

A surrogate mother contacted me to photograph the birth of this baby for the biological parents. The parents already had a 7 year old boy and they had lost another child and she couldn’t get pregnant again so they hired a surrogate mother. They had tried for years and just before they gave up on surrogacy, they received good news.

I photographed the birth of Stella and her newborn session. This family is very special to me, they were so kind and loving.

Because they live out of town, we had to do the newborn session 2 days after baby was born, so she was just shy of 72 hours old. The session went wonderful, she slept the whole time and we created so many different setups and poses for them.
The main theme of the session was fall and rainbow but we managed to create so much more.


I just love how this family embrace their new rainbow baby.

This 7 year old was so in-love with his little sister.

Little Stella is holding a necklace of Marcus who passed at birth a few years ago.

Stella was born close to Thanksgiving so we had to create a fall themed setup.

One of the must have pose that the parents requested. It was easy to accomplish with this little girl. This image is a composite, baby was held safe by two people.

Only 3 days ago she was curled up like this in her surro moms tummy.

Session by: Helga Himer Photography

In order to understand how my passion for photography bloomed, let’s take a stroll through my life. It all began in Hungary, where I was born and raised by two loving and devoted parents. When I was in high school, my Canadian uncle gave me an old Minolta camera. Right away, I was captivated by this little machine and how it could capture the beauty of the world around me. I was so excited to figure out all the ins and outs of this machine and learn about light and composition. After graduating from high school, I enrolled in a two year photography course and my career was on its way!

At the age of 21, I packed my bags and immigrated to the land of opportunity…Canada! Once I got myself settled, I started working for different photography studios. Right away, I was learning about digital photography and the various techniques used in this country; very different compared to what I had been taught back home, but I must admit….I like the Canadian style much better!

I officially opened my business in Edmonton in 2007. Over time, my understanding of photography technique has grown, both from my experience working for a variety of clients, as well as regularly educating myself through photography workshops and courses. I have built up an extensive array of photography tools (lights, lenses, cameras, software) to make the most of any occasion.

Now I teach and mentor other photographers the art of newborn posing and I’m approving my video skills to apply that with my birth sessions.

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