Your Image Portfolio will demonstrate your skill in lighting, camera function, artistic composition, and working with a variety of family scenarios.

In the next four units of this module, you’ll be asked to submit 5 UNIQUE IMAGES per section, for a total of 20 UNIQUE IMAGES.  

Note about image submissions:

  • DO NOT repeat images throughout your submission. Each image may only be used ONCE in the application
  • Images must be from paid or portfolio building sessions. Images from mentoring sessions, workshops, classes or group outtings are NOT PERMITTED and may disqualify your application or cause your QNP certificate to be revoked.
  • SOOC imagery MUST ACCOMPANY all setups or positions that could be considered dangerous for the subject including but not limited to the frog pose, potato pose, suspended and swing poses, chin on the wrists or bum up in/on props etc. 
  • Copyright remains with the creator of the image, however by submitting imagery, you allow APNPI to use any image submitted, without payment, for APNPI related uses including advertising, promotion of programs, tutorials etc. Wherever possible, we will attempt to do our due diligence to contant you to alert you to the use of your images. 
  • You may watermark your images but it is not necessary.
  • All evaluators’ decisions are final. You may resubmit as many times as necessary as long as you remain a member in good standing. 
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