As any good photographer knows, the ability to control your camera’s settings and features can have an unlimited impact on your ability to create technically competent and artistically creative imagery.

Use the form below to submit 5 UNIQUE IMAGES demonstrating competence in:

  • Exposure
  • White Balance
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO

Please ALSO SUBMIT at least one of the above images in SOOC format for a total of six images in this section. 

  • All images MUST INCLUDE either maternity, newborns or babies as subjects
  • Subjects may be accompanied by family members including parents and siblings
  • Please DO NOT submit images of children alone to this section
  • Please DO NOT repeat images used in this section elsewhere in your submission
  • Please note, under/overexposed images, white balance that is not true to life, a lack of variety in depth of field, the lack of depiction of control of shutter speed such as the ability to freeze movement (i.e. maternity dress/hair flowing, cake smash etc.), and/or noise in your imagery may result in the failure of this section of the application.  Images must also demonstrate good lighting and may be disqualified based on poor lighting technique.

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