The QNP certification is a standardized indicator communicating a professional level of photographic service.

Clients can expect that QNP photographers are established in business practices and have successfully passed an extensive technical image review. The QNP program has been designed to demonstrate proficiency in business practices, lighting, camera functions, artistic composition, working with a range of scenarios and providing consistency within a gallery. Successful completion demonstrates that you are capable of taking on a wide range of photography challenges, and have demonstrated competence and proficiency in producing a well rounded and satisfactory result for any given client.  This certificate is an excellent indicator separating the skilled professional from hobbyist.

In the following modules and units, you’ll be asked to demonstrate your skills as they pertain to the QNP Criteria.

Submission Rules:

  • each image may only be used ONCE throughout the entire submission. DO NOT duplicate / use individual images in more than one section of the application
  • 5 unique images are required for each section for lighting, camera functions, artistic composition & working with a range of scenarios
  • The client gallery must include at least 20 images from a single client session. This should be representative of the quality and variety a client should expect when hiring you for their session.
  • Submitted images MUST include either maternity, newborns or babies. Images of toddlers and children alone will not meet the criteria for submission and will disqualify your submission

As you complete each unit, make sure to click the “Mark as Completed” prompt at the bottom. By doing so, you alert the system you have completed the unit and will be moved to the next unit. Upon final completion, your application will be sent to our team of evaluators.

Evaluation Schedule:

Yearly QNP Deadline dates are posted in the Sidebar of your Welcome Page. We offer evaluation deadlines at least 4x yearly. RESULTS WILL BE RELEASED VIA EMAIL WITHIN 6 WEEKS OF POSTED DEADLINE DATES. Please refer to your My Credentials page for commentary.

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