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Lightroom Little Secrets

This is for you!  Just in time to get in on Tara’s live Q&A next week.

We’re so excited for Tara’s Q&A week coming up that we decided to offer you the chance to sign up exclusively for this Masterclass without the ongoing obligations of membership. 

This weekend only
Just $37 for Tara’s Masterclass

No further obligation and no time limits on your course access.

Then, be sure to join us with Tara’s LIVE Instructor Q&A time to kick off the week and to chat about Lightroom Little Secrets!  

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 – Tara Graham will be LIVE in the APNPI Facebook group to answer all of your questions about her Masterclass – Lightroom Little Secrets.  She’ll also be available throughout the week in the group to answer follow up questions.

This is your chance to watch the course, get your questions ready, and take your business to the next level!

Ready to spend less time at the computer?  This is your game changer!

Have you ever felt frustrated with Lightroom? Join Tara Graham at the APNPI Academy of Newborn Photography to learn 4 easy ways to make Lightroom work for you! You will learn everything you know to set yourself up for success, including being able to modify those pre-bought presets you have as well. These 4 key settings will give you a completely customized workflow in Lightroom, from start to finish. You will save time on every single session to you shoot going forward, so you can spend less time at your computer, and more time shooting, and making money! You’ll be able to create more beautiful edits right within Lightroom, reduce your time spent in photoshop, and you’ll be ready to show off those stunning images on every single platform you use. Tara will be sharing all these amazing tips with you in her Lightroom Little Secrets Series!

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