You’ve likely heard the term Rainbow Baby, referring to a baby born after the loss of an older sibling.  APNPI member Lizzie Gilmour has developed an incredible way of honouring families and the lost little babies who will forever remain in the hearts of their parents and siblings.  Below is a glimpse into the special service Lizzie provides.

Life After Loss – with Lizzie Gilmour

Over time, as I developed my own personal style of photographing newborns, I found a deeper more impactful reason for photographing babies: to bring to light the siblings, the daughters, the sons that are carried in the heart, but not in the arms of the families I photograph. It’s become something I’m very passionate about – including these babies in their family photos.  So a lot of my sessions involving these families, and all of these photos are gifted to the families who have suffered the loss of baby.


My photographs, became something to gift.
And the gift that I could give became more than just a photograph.

Lizzie Gilmour is an NZIPP Award Winning New Zealand Photographer with a natural light home studio in New Plymouth, Taranaki. Specialising in Newborns Portraiture, with a natural style using organic materials and fibre. Currently offering mentoring and workshops in New Zealand.


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