Written by: Nikita Razo

Becoming a student in this course will, without a doubt, benefit you every time you have to pick up and move, yet again!

While this course is primarily geared towards the military community, someone who moves around a lot for one reason or another, would also benefit from the information taught!

It’s definitely a long ride on the struggle bus as an entrepreneur sometimes because you are having to build the road as you go!

With this course, students learn the steps to lay the ground work and foundation of their business so that the process of starting over gets easier and easier every time they have to rebuild!

Included in this 4 week course is information about marketing, proper pricing, and IPS training. Students also have access to a private Facebook group as well as monthly group video chats that are recorded so they can refer back to them at any time.

Student can choose from just the modules for self learning or the modules plus a private 2 hour 1 on 1 video chat with me where we discuss things specific to THEIR business.

Modules are released on a weekly basis, so once a student signs up, they have immediate access to the first one! Students can work through the lessons at their own pace, and are able to refer back any time they need!

I have always been a huge proponent of Community Over Competition, so this course was designed to help elevate other military spouse photographers to the level we all deserve to be at.

People in the military community have notoriously downplayed the time and effort it takes to not only operate your own business but also start from scratch every few years.

We are worth MORE than less than minimum wage! SO much more! And I have worked really hard on this course to make sure that by the time my students are finished, they know and understand their worth to their core, AND they aren’t afraid to tell people.

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Nikita is an award-winning portrait photographer based in Manhattan, Kansas who specializes in maternity, birth, and newborn portraiture. She began her photography business 8 years ago as a “mom with a camera”. With a determined work ethic and tenacious personality, she grew her part-time business from her dining room to her full-time 1500 square foot studio while multiplying her sales average by 10. As a military spouse, her passion for helping others like her has caught fire in this workshop where she helps students to market like a champ, recognize their worth, and embrace their role as business owner and boss! Nikita is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and has earned her Certified Professional Photographer. She is known for her breath-taking maternity portraits combining gorgeous gowns with dramatic styled lighting and poses.

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