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Seattle, WA
United States (US)

Member since August 5, 2017

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Amaranth Images

Heather Glude has been a photographer for over 30 years, and Amaranth Images was founded in 2016 to focus on maternity, newborns, and babies – that incredible period of time where the whisper of a hope becomes a swelling belly, then a helpless babe, and finally a separate human being with opinions and desires and the means to make them known.

Why did you become a newborn photographer?
Originally a landscape and nature photographer, like many in my field, I was inspired by the birth of my own child. I had intended to do my own photographs, and started learning what I would need to know to be prepared. But my son had feeding issues and in the exhaustion and appointments of those first weeks, I never had time to do more than take a few pictures with my phone. I missed out. By the time I recovered, my son had become very sensitive to being touched in his sleep and I never got posed images. I'll always love the iPhone images I did get, because they're my son, but it inspired me to put my learning to work for others' babies, to capture those precious first weeks for other parents.

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  • Digital plus portraits
  • Ordering methods offered: In person ordering
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  • Props and costumes provided. You can bring your own to use as well.
  • Experienced with multiples (twins, triplets, etc)

What others are saying…

My baby girl had just come home from the NICU and our photo shoot was scheduled for the next day. I was so worried but Heather calmed me entirely over the phone and during the session I have never seen someone work so calm, swift, and entirely gentle before! Her photos turned out to be the most amazing pictures I have ever received of any one of my five babies! Her studio kept Charlotte calm and content. Her lighting was perfect and her ideas genius!

~ Mindy B

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