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Guelph, ON

Member since August 1, 2017

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Azure Photography

Hi there!!!!
I am a professional newborn photographer in Guelph, ON. I mainly focus on newborns but also enjoy photographing maternity, sitters and cake smash sessions!
I have been photographing newborns since January of 2014 and I absolutely LOVE it!!
I have had a camera in my hand since I was 18 years old! I learned how to shoot film and worked at Black's Photography through highschool and into University.
My inspiration for starting my own business in photography was my little one. I wanted her to always know that taking a chance on something you love is worth it, no matter how it works out. I wanted to show her how to have confidence and follow her heart through life.
I love this "job" and look forward to building many more relationships with my wonderful clients over the coming years.

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What others are saying…

It was a very pleasant experience from the beginning to the end. Tamarind has such an amazing talent. She is very friendly and professional. She was very patient with my little one. The set was creative and the photos were awesome. I loved every bit of the experience. I definitely recommend Azure Photography!

~ Leen Habash

Tamarind is simply amazing; from being very professional over social media to very personable at appointments I cannot say enough to praise her as a person. Then I see her photos and I am blown away. She has this amazing eye for what will look wonderful and something about her that calms the kids and lets them relax so that the photos you end up with are really a work of art. My son has two smiles, the awkward one he uses when he isn’t into taking a photo and his real smile when he is relaxed and truly happy. Tamarind can put him at ease within min and capture that wonderfully real smile. She can even ease my daughter’s terrible fear of unknown places and get beautiful photos that will last me a lifetime.

~ Karolina Kosinska-Johnson

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