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Toccoa, GA
United States (US)

Member since February 17, 2021

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Bianca Hubble Photography

Bianca Hubble is a professional photographer. She has been shooting professionally since June of 2005 and specializing in newborn and maternity photography since June of 2011. Bianca has a B.S. degree in Youth Ministry from Toccoa Falls College. She often jokes that she is just working with the really really young “youth”. Bianca’s work has been recognized in Sew Trendy Accessories’ “Best of ….” Her work has been published in International Journal of Child Birth and Points North Magazine. She has spoken in newborn conferences, was an instructor with Online Newborn and Maternity Retreat hosted by the Milky Way for the past 4 years, and she is an international Mentor for Newborn photographers. Bianca has trained over 120 newborn photographers in person individually or in very small groups in just over a year’s time and has trained several thousand through online e-workshops. She is also the inventor of the Newborn Cloud posing system for newborn photographers sold world wide. Bianca lives in Toccoa, Georgia.

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