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Barrie, ON

Member since January 9, 2020

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Mi Zen Photography

Being in the photography industry, I'm privy to many other photographer's stories about how and why they decided to become a family/newborn photographer. Most of the stories I hear begin with either "As a child, I always had a camera in my hand" or 'After I had my own children…" and then they continue to emphasize the importance of capturing their children at this fleeting time in their lives. It's usually a happy and heart-warming story, but my story didn't start like that. I don't have any children, and I can't honestly say I was overly obsessed with taking pictures as a young girl. Actually, professional photography wasn't really a part of my life growing up as a child, other than school photos and a couple sears portraits. If anything, I could say it's the lack of photography in my youth that pushed me into this direction.

My father passed away when I was a young adult. It wasn't until after he was gone when I actually realized how few images I had of him. Now, my heart just sinks as I look at the ONE family photo I have with both my parents, along with only a handful of photos of me with my dad. So, you could say it didn't take me becoming a parent to feel the value of family photography, it took me losing a parent to feel it.
-Be prepared to be included your newborns session!

I started shooting in 2012 and had an opportunity that same year to go back to school. I attended George Brown College and graduated in 2014 with a certificate in Digital Photography. While I was in school, a close friend of mine had just had a baby. She came over and we did a little mini newborn session. At that time I didn't really know very much about newborn photography and becoming a newborn photographer wasn't really on my radar… yet. My focus in my first year of college was mostly family, fashion and wedding photography. However, after that first session with my friend and her newborn, I was HOOKED! All my attention shifted and I completely dove into the world of newborn photography. I have been soaking in sweet little baby smiles, fuzzy heads and poopy diapers ever since! In the years following my graduation I have done countless online courses, as well as mentored with very established, notable and qualified newborn photographers; Making newborn safety my top priority. I'm now an established newborn photographer in Barrie with a professional home studio I'm very proud of!

My photography style is a little different. I'm a little more drawn to a bold, moody, or earthy feel and like deep/rich colours. I would love for you to explore my website and let me know your thoughts!

Please reach out to me – I love to chat, as you can see 😉


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    What others are saying…

    Jessi is hands Down the absolute best photographer in Barrie! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. We had three different shoots done with her, maternity shoot, milk bath and our newborn shoot. Jessi was so kind and extremely professional throughout all. She is highly trained in what she does and was able to guide us through in a way that made us feel calm and comfortable. Jessi was very open to hearing what we had in mind and when we weren’t sure she provided us with many great ideas. She has a beautiful studio with a large array of props which I loved! During our newborn shoot, Jessi remained professional and unphased even when my newborn was not very cooperative, she knew exactly what to do to calm him and continue on with the shoot. On top of everything her images are beyond stunning and I have framed almost every single one. I cannot recommend Jessi enough, we will be using her for all of our future photoshoots! Thank you Jessi!

    ~ Ilana Davis

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