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Vientiane, Laos

Member since July 23, 2019

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Studio provisions:

  • Handicap enabled facility
  • Stroller friendly
  • Change table available
  • Private breastfeeding area
  • Peanut-free area
  • Allergen free area
  • Scent free area
  • Safe child play area
  • Pet-free

A Little Big Love

Newborn photography is still new in Laos although it has been very common in many countries. Newborn photography requires certain skills especially the technique of holding, dressing, or wrapping, arranging the poses have to be done gently without troubling out little models.

I have been working in newborn photography for almost 1 year already.

I have done CPR and First Aids class in Thailand and still trying to earn more achievements.

Apart from newborn photography, I am a Wedding Organizer. My passion for both of my jobs is seeing precious moment and the authentic expression of people. Many times that my wedding clients come back to me for their newborn photoshoot. I really love my job and always thankful for anything on earth which makes me doing what i love and getting the oppotunity to capture the most amazing memories for my client.

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  • Pricing Menu Available
  • Digital plus portraits
  • Ordering methods offered: In person ordering
  • Delivery Methods Available: Studio pickup, Personal delivery, Electronic delivery
  • Props and costumes provided. You can bring your own to use as well.
  • Experienced with multiples (twins, triplets, etc)
  • Done in-person training with CPR and First Aid

What others are saying…

Anda, 7 day old boy is my second child in my family. I was always want my baby to get a newborn photoshoot but did not find one for my first daughter. Buddy and her team made us feel comfortable and confident on her. I saw her photo on social media and also heard from my friend who hire her for their newborn baby before i make a booking with her. Buddy kept my Anda calm and quite during the photo session. What i like the most is their creativity. They asked me what i want my baby to wear, what my favorite color, and use it as a costume for Anda. Thank you Buddy for giving us a life long memories.

~ Em Vanh

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