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Dana Menendez
Carrollton, TX
United States (US)

Member since February 27, 2019

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Dana Menendez Photography

I started specializing in Maternity and Newborn Portraits right around the time my son was born.

I was obsessed with documenting every moment of his life! What started out as a hobby as turned into a passion and I absolutely love making memories for other families.

Every year I take numerous workshops, whether online or in-person to keep up with the trends and to make sure all poses are done safely.

I am certified in Infant CPR and fully licensed and insured.

Registered Business · Insured · Bonded

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  • Done in-person training with Hailey Hamilton Photography

What others are saying…

From the moment we walked into Dana’s studio, it was clear that we were in the care of a truly dedicated professional. Her in-home studio is cozy, set to a perfectly warm temperature (exactly the temperature newborn babies need), and her selection of props is fresh and delightful; but it wasn’t those things that left me in absolute awe of her work. Dana knows and loves babies; and watching her work with them makes it clear that she has invested greatly in learning how to safely handle and care for her tiniest clients. I cannot overstate how seriously she takes the safety and comfort of the newborns she photographs. She wraps and positions their precious, delicate limbs with the ease of a highly skilled professional, and the tenderness of a mother; and honestly, watching her with my week-old baby made me desperately wish I could take Dana home with me because she is truly a baby-whisperer. In spite of multiple changes in props and positions, and being cocooned and unwrapped a few times, my little one slept through most of our session. She awoke once and started to fuss, but Dana was ready for her; turning on a sound machine I later swore I needed, and swaying her tiny curled up body in a motion that made me want to take a nap. It took barely 5 minutes for baby to fall asleep again.

Our session also included sibling shots with my 3yo daughter, who was thrilled beyond words to finally have her baby sister. It was incredible to watch how Dana positioned them, so that my daughter experienced all the pride and joy of holding her baby sister for pictures, but none of the actual responsibility. Looking at those pictures now, her joy is evident in every one of their shots. I’ve seen pictures that my daughter takes when she isn’t completely at ease; and she can totally “cheese it”… Toothy “cheese” grin for the ages; but one of Dana’s strengths as a photographer is her ability to capture true emotion, get clients’ guards down, and make them feel comfortable. Her passion for portraying her clients in their very best, most genuine light shows in every picture of hers I have seen; newborn, sibling, or family. I cannot recommend her enough.

~ Njoki Kuria

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