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Brandi Barth
Wichita, KS
United States (US)

Member since November 2, 2018

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Jojo Bee

Hello, I am Brandi Barth from Wichita Kansas, wife to an incredible husband and mother of three amazing boys. I have been in the photography world for over twenty years. I enjoy the many genres of photography however I have found that newborn photography is what I am most passionate about. My focus on newborns began just months after my youngest son was born. The desire to photograph newborns stemmed from the realization of not being able to look back on my oldest boys' infant years. I know all to well how quickly they grow up and the importance of capturing the precious moments along the way. Newborn photography, for me, is about taking all of the details of the child and placing them into a viewable time capsule. Unfortunately, I was not able to do that with my first son so I decided I would not miss the chance with my second. This drive led me on an incredible journey to capture similar moments for other parents. To preserve for them, the little details that will soon be lost. The soft newborn skin to the wispy hair, these are the crucial details that I try and capture. To be able to turn these precious new lives into priceless works of art for other parents is a powerful motivation for me, for it is a treasure I did not get.

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    What others are saying…

    I would absolutely recommend Jojo Bee Studio’s. Brandi was extremely patient and gentle with our newborn. She took her time with each pose to make sure our baby was comfortable and in a good position. She was also very efficient with the session by having all the poses set up before hand with colors to match our home decor! She was also super fast with editing and got our pictures to us the same day as the photo shoot. I am beyond pleased with her work! In addition, the in home studio was a very relaxing and calm setting. I could have watched her take pictures of my baby all day long.

    ~ Ali Ardery Kerns

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