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McAllen, TX
United States (US)

Member sinceMay 11, 2018

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Studio provisions:

  • Handicap enabled facility
  • Stroller friendly
  • Private breastfeeding area
  • Allergen free area

Lily Norris

I started with photo sessions inspirated for my muse my beautiful daughter and then decide capture the beauty of the newborns, childhood & nature.
Now I love capture every detail, the soul of the childrens and every unique moments in the childhood thinked will be captured for the eternity.

I have about 6 years with the newborn photo sessions and I continued with education, formation and Workshops in this area with the best photographers in the newborn photography.

I spend a lot of hours learning workshops, online education, model calls and Sessions.

• Safety tips online with Kelly Brown
• Newborn Photography Workshop with Paloma Shell (Las Vegas NV 2017)
• Safe Poses with Priscilla Felix 2017 las Vegas NV
• Maternity with Kelly Brown speaker Kelly Brown (WPPI Las Vegas NV 2018)
• 10 Twins Workshop online Ana Brandt 2018
• Newborns Photography WPPI 2018 Speaker Julia Kelleger
• CENAF Safety Newborn Photography 2019
• Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (Online WHO & IMSS)
• Seguridad y Manejo Neonatal para sesiones newborn, Helena Portela (2021)

+ Hundreds of hours in education online, tutorials and blogs about the newborns, poses and safety for newborns and infants.

I love every detail in the newborn, "The beauty, personality and innocence are the magic that I want to capture in each photography. – Lily Norris Photography

Registered Business · Insured

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  • Pricing Menu Available
  • Digital plus portraits
  • Ordering methods offered: In person ordering, Online ordering
  • Delivery Methods Available: Studio pickup, Personal delivery, Mail / Postal delivery, Electronic delivery
  • Props and costumes provided. You can bring your own to use as well.
  • Experienced with multiples (twins, triplets, etc)
  • Done in-person training with Paloma Shell, Kelly Brown and Ana Brandt

What others are saying…

She is so great to work with & is extremely patient for her clients! I can’t express how great she is! I would def come again!

~ Jessica Marie Lugo

Encantada con su trabajoo no cabe duda que elegiste a la mejor fotografa para mi sesión de maternidad y newborn simplemente la mejor ❤️

~ Adan Yairovi Garza

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