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Brooklyn, NY
United States (US)

Member since February 27, 2018

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Studio provisions:

  • Stroller friendly
  • Private breastfeeding area
  • Allergen free area
  • Safe child play area
  • Pet-free

Passera Fine Arts Portraits

Imagine sitting on the couch with your 5 yr old flipping through the pages of your beautiful album of newborn portraits while they are saying mommy/daddy that was me as a baby. or even this it's not 25 yrs after and that 5 yr old is not 30 and has 2 littles. As you sit on the couch with your grand kids wrapped around you they ask about what their mom or dad was like as a baby. So you pull out a gorgeous album and start turning the pages while telling stories that make you laugh and cry. What a day with your grandkids that they will remember for ever. Together we get to preserve and create memories.

Let's create a one of a kind custom portrait experience for you and your family. You will help create the look so that I can create portraits that you will be able to cherish forever. After your custom session that includes a pre-consultation, session at my Luxury portrait studio, hair and makeup for mom, an array of props, blankets, and outfits we will sit down and sort through all of your portraits together. I will walk you through the ordering process step by step and help you design what you are looking for for your home. These products will then get fine art retouching and be created in some of the top labs in the world. Once in my hand I will personally install any of the wall art you ordered for your home.

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  • Portraits plus digital, wall art, albums
  • Ordering methods offered: In person ordering
  • Delivery Methods Available: Studio pickup, Personal delivery
  • Props and costumes provided. You can bring your own to use as well.
  • Experienced with multiples (twins, triplets, etc)
  • Done in-person training with Mary Maloney, Andrea Kinter, Meg Bitton, Bree Fowles, Hannah Hillard

What others are saying…

“Christina took the time to fact find and prepare us for the session prior. I was really amazed at the set up of her studio, I felt like I was inside of a womb! She had such patience and persistence to get the perfect shots. I also felt comfortable watching her handle my newborn.”

~ Steph and Mildred

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