Written by: Jennifer Willard

Thinking about using multiple colours in your upcoming newborn session but don’t know where to start looking for inspiration?

You can find inspiration for fun colour combinations everywhere; Pinterest colour palette’s or your favourite painting, a decorative pillow or other home decor, your baby’s nursery colours, paint samples from the hardware store, a piece of scrapbook paper, a favourite shirt pattern, or crib bedding.  The possibilities are endless!

Every photographer will run their studio’s differently, some choose the colours for each session based on newly purchased props or the current colour trending in the newborn photography world.

In my studio I ask my clients to give me 2-4 colour choices that they love and then I create my sets based on their choices.  I do have examples of what previous clients have chosen and the resulting portraits as well as colour palette’s so they can see the possibilities.  If they are still stuck on colours to choose I encourage them to choose neutrals and one pop colour or to say something like Spring, Ocean, Summer, Winter, etc to give us a jumping off point to start creating our sets.

You have to decide what works best for you.  Some photographers love a very neutral colour palette or even just offer muted colours.  That’s wonderful and there are clients out there for everyone.  I offer both neutral colour palette’s as well as bold, beautiful colours (my fave!).

Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate colour into your newborn session with these fun colour themes and I encourage you to create your own with your images to share with your clients so they can see the possibilities for themselves!

Here are some examples from individual sessions where clients gave me a list of colours to use and the resulting portraits we created based on those colours.

It was great fun to create these sets for this beautiful little client based on her parents chosen colours.

I encourage you to play around with colour combinations and show your clients options available to them. Often clients will follow the colour trends they see in magazines. You have the opportunity to show them that unusual colour palette’s can be beautiful. By showing different colours in your portfolio you can have the opportunity to use different colours on future sessions and get your creative spark flowing. I know all too well that using the same colour trend over and over again (I’m looking at you Navy Blue and Grey) can make your creativity feel stale. By creating these colour inspiration guides for your clients you may be able to convince them that choosing a unique colour palette is the way to go! So get out there and show your client’s the colour possibilities!!

Jen is the owner and principal photographer at Jennifer Willard Photography. She loves creating beautiful portraits for her clients in Kingston, Ontario, Canada using bold colours, patterns and textures.

See more from Jennifer Willard at http://www.jenniferwillardphotography.ca

See more of Jennifer Willard at http://www.jenniferwillardphotography.ca