With the holidays coming up, have you thought about reaching out to your clients to let them know what your holiday hours will be?  Not only is it a nice touch, and a service focused (rather than sales focussed) way to engage your clients, it will also help you set boundaries around your time for those last minute requests to meet Christmas deadlines.  

APNPI Ambassador Shan Fisher (and upcoming 2023 educator – watch for her new course material!) has graciously allowed us to share with you the email she sends out to her clients at this time of year.  Take a look below, and see if it inspires you to something similar in your business.  Be sure to remember to build in a space cushion for last minute requests – for example schedule off a couple of days early in order to allow yourself to compassionately oblige those clients you want to help at the last minute.  And then turn on your vacation notice on your email so you can truly unplug and enjoy time with your loved ones!