APNPI Photographer of the Year Winner Trayc Dudgeon

We are thrilled to present this prestigious award to

Trayc Dudgeon

Trayc Dudgeon is an APNPI Mentor, accredited in Maternity, Macro, Sitters and Newborn Posed categories, serves as a judge and is an avid contributor to the APNPI community. She creates stunning imagery having been educated as a photographer at Humber College with over twenty years of experience in the field. Trayc is safety trained and internationally recognized as a qualified newborn photographer with APNPI. She is also an award winning accredited portrait photographer with PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada). She’s been passionate about art and photography her whole life and was inspired by her first photography class in high school where she fell in love with the art form. Tracy is wife to her best friend, super proud mama to 2 amazing young adults and 3 fur babies.

See more of Trayc’s work at: Blue Rooster Studio

Trayc’s Top Winning Images

APNPI Competition 1st Place Winner – Newborn "Sweet Slumber" by Trayc Dudgeon
APNPI Competition 1st Place Winner – Creative "Sunset Soar" by Trayc Dudgeon
APNPI Competition 2nd Place Winner – Milestones "All Smiles" by Trayc Dudgeon
APNPI Competition 3rd Place Winner – Newborn "Tucked in Together" by Trayc Dudgeon

APNPI Photographer Of The Year

To win the APNPI Newborn Photographer of the Year award, the entrant must achieve a minimum of three Merit Images among both the First and Final Image Competition Rounds, and must have achieved a minimum of one Accreditation in any category.  The entrant who has the highest average score among their top three winning images from any category, will be awarded the APNPI Newborn Photographer of the Year. In the case of a tie, the judges will do a final round of judging to determine the prize winner.