APNPI Photographer of the Year Winner Tianna Jarrett-Williams

We are thrilled to present this prestigious award to

Tianna Jarrett-Williams

Tianna Jarrett-Williams is a maternity and newborn photographer based in Birmingham, United Kingdom where she has a small studio near to the city centre. Her love for this speciality grew from her past career as a professional and registered nurse and midwife. Whilst photography began as a hobby after the birth of her first daughter, she quickly fell in love with the craft and soon became consumed by the desire to be creative. After navigating a few specialities, Tianna settled on the art of pregnancy, motherhood and newborn photography because these genres in coalescence with her passion for women becoming mothers and their journey through motherhood inspires her daily. Whilst the primary focus is on maternity and newborn photography, Tianna does enjoy creative and styled projects with a special interest in culture which often can be appreciated in her work. Tianna lives with her two young children Zara and Olivia; and long term partner Ashley, near Birmingham.  She is accredited in Maternity with APNPI and is also an APNPI Ambassador, Judge and highly sought after APNPI Academy Instructor.  To see Tianna’s work, visit: https://tiannajwilliamsphotography.co.uk

Tianna’s Top Winning Images

APNPI Competition 1st Place Winner – Maternity. “Art of Pregnancy” by Tianna Jarrett-Williams
APNPI Competition 1st Place Winner – Maternity. “Mama Africa” by Tianna Jarrett-Williams
APNPI Competition 2nd Place Winner – Maternity. “Goddess of Motherhood” by Tianna Jarrett-Williams
APNPI Competition 3rd Place Winner – Maternity. “Sunshine Yellow” by Tianna Jarrett-Williams

APNPI Photographer Of The Year

To win the APNPI Newborn Photographer of the Year award, the entrant must achieve a minimum of three Merit Images among both the First and Final Image Competition Rounds, and must have achieved a minimum of one Accreditation in any category.  The entrant who has the highest average score among their top three winning images from any category, will be awarded the APNPI Newborn Photographer of the Year. In the case of a tie, the judges will do a final round of judging to determine the prize winner.